Best beer made...anywere?

Best'nt it? 45 minutes in the freezer...1 hour in the ice box...and Bruckner 4th on the radio, to be specific, 10 dollar ss Sony bought at wallmart. What do you say, huh? XX Dos Equis
you are my man Kacz! First chance, and i'll check it out...!(mother-in-law lives in Coos bay, i have to visit her sometime, right?)
Hmmm finest beer in the world is Affligem Triple and for dark go for Chimey Grand Reserva both made by monks in Belgium that's where best chocolate and beer comes from......enjoy it :-) Tommy
Craig, are you one of them...huh? Beer is on you! No chance of trying these i US of A. Whach'ya say Tommy?
Best beer is here in New Orleans at the Crescent City Brewhouse. German brewmiester who make fresh beer constantly. Great food and a live Jazz band. Free admission. And once you get tanked up you can walk a few blocks to Bourbon Steet and maybe get to see some tits! I can tell you of a dozen place where you could see a live band jazz, rock, or reggae for 5.00 and get Abita Turbo dog on tap as well. Abita is a Lousiana micro-brewery also owned by a German brewmeister. Bike trail right out front, but for some reason I've never been able to get on my bike after going there!