Best beer made...anywere?

Best'nt it? 45 minutes in the freezer...1 hour in the ice box...and Bruckner 4th on the radio, to be specific, 10 dollar ss Sony bought at wallmart. What do you say, huh? XX Dos Equis
For the best beer in the country come to Portland Oregon. We have micro breweries on just about every other block and the beer they make at every store and resturant. We have tons of beer festivals all year round downtown at waterfront park. It was amazing how hard it was to find a good beer outside of portland. California which I thought would be in the front was way way behind. The best I found in Sanfrancisco tasted weak and only slightly better than budwieser. Seriosly if you want a huge variety from smooth wheat to strong dark beer come to portland. WE got it all. Every color and taste. Chocolate beer, wheat beer, cranberry beer, raspberry beer, apricot beer, and tons more I can't think of right now.(don't worry they still taste like beer not wine coolers). I like getting the sample platter at mcminnamins which consists of about 6 different microbrews. Oh yeah my favorite is portland brewings hefewiesen. If it comes from the tap right it's somewhat warmer than chilled and goes down smooth. I don't think they hardly filter it at all because it is really murky looking. You can't see through it at all. Some of that and sitting in front of my stereo with my favorite tunes and if we are real lucky some decent weather and it's the perfect night. Or heck with a good beer I'm probably happier listening to music at the brewery. The atmostphere is always great. Cheers........=)
you are my man Kacz! First chance, and i'll check it out...!(mother-in-law lives in Coos bay, i have to visit her sometime, right?)
Eldragon; Coosbay has a microbrewry and 3 audiophilies. Cheers, Craig.
Hmmm finest beer in the world is Affligem Triple and for dark go for Chimey Grand Reserva both made by monks in Belgium that's where best chocolate and beer comes from......enjoy it :-) Tommy
Craig, are you one of them...huh? Beer is on you! No chance of trying these i US of A. Whach'ya say Tommy?
Best beer is here in New Orleans at the Crescent City Brewhouse. German brewmiester who make fresh beer constantly. Great food and a live Jazz band. Free admission. And once you get tanked up you can walk a few blocks to Bourbon Steet and maybe get to see some tits! I can tell you of a dozen place where you could see a live band jazz, rock, or reggae for 5.00 and get Abita Turbo dog on tap as well. Abita is a Lousiana micro-brewery also owned by a German brewmeister. Bike trail right out front, but for some reason I've never been able to get on my bike after going there!
Eldragon; Well, I try to be. It sort of depends on how much time I spend at the micro....... Craig
Spicy, i am in the "hood" i'll check The "Crescent..."aaand Abita (for accuracy).Anyway NO is my favorite city, after Vegas (heading back there in 6 mo) Graig! Forget audio-gear. Stick with the TRUTH...and "support" your local "brewery"! AMEN!
Yo , Eldragon you can buy Affligem Triple and Chimey in NYC at fine beverage stores $ 10-15 per bottle. They look like bottles from champagne.Cold Affligem Triple and a cigar by Davidoff .....Life doesn't get any better than that ;-) Tommy
The micro-brew fest coming up in Idaho Falls, Id. Oh yea!!! Fairly good sized brew fest. Last year had 130 different micro-breweries attended with over 300 different micros to sample. If you couldn't find something to like you just don't like the frosty beverage.
Eldragon. You are going to love the beer. I have one more tip for you. This saturday at Cafe Brazil there is a Latin/Jazz band playing at Cafe Brazil. They have Abita Turbodog tap as well as Guiness. Admission to see the band, 5.00. The name of the band is Fred Omar and it is some intense music and even if you hate jazz there will be some beautiful Latin girls all sweaty and in a frenzy there. It is worth it just to see them dance. The band is excellent. In fact you are going to feel like you are stealing for the level of entertainment you will get. Let me know!! Attire is very casual,ie short and sandals are cool. Also check out Cooter Browns beer garden uptown. If you go there on a saturday night, Christina will hook you UP! She is the bartender with the tatto of a snake chasing it's tail on her shoulder. They have more imports on tap than anyone in the area . I serioulsy doubt there is brand that they do not have.
Spicy, i am on my way there...i am not sure that Harah's still have free bus service from Biloxi, however i will just find some "designated" driver!
Tough decision - here in the Pacific Northwest (WA and OR), there are so many fine microbreweries offering such great choices. I like many of the beers and ales made by Hale's Brewery, Grant's, Full Sail, Widmer, and Thomas Kemper. For the very best ales in the world, however, you can't beat the Belgians: Abbey des Rocs, Chimay, St. Sebastian -- yum, yum, yum. If you ever see the Abbey des Rocs Belgian Burgundy Ale, buy every bottle you can!! Last year only 500 cases were made. Absolutely extraordinary!!!!!!!