Best Beau Jocque CD

Looking for advice for his best sounding discs.

I assume that you're not a zydeco purist because Beau Jocque isn't a purist's band (a la Beausoleil). Similarly, it pays not to be an audio purist in the case of this band. The BJ cds tend toward forward/bright and I haven't found one that I'd call "musical/natural/audiophile". Just go for the music you like - the sound will be punchy and appropriate for dancing, which is the point.

Personally, I like his covers of pop hits- he does a great job with Archie Bell's "Tighten Up" among many,many others.

Happy listening.
thanks....not a zydeco purist, just like the fun music. I had "Git It Beau Jocque", but couldn't enjoy it fully because of the bright recording.
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