Best beadroom speaker under $350 (NHT?)

I'm putting together a bedroom system and I'm looking for advice on a small pair of speakers. I'm looking to spend $350 or so used or new. I tried the MMGs but they were just too big. Now I'm seriously considering the NHT superone's or 1.5s. I've got Acurus seperates (RL-11 & A80), but I may go to a Jolida integrated eventually. Anyway, any advice one the NHTs and on other brands would be great. Thanks.
Bedroom, not my Beadroom. It already had a stero;-).
B&w 302 are nice at $250 but a little veiled. But believe or not the best speaker which I have seen selling for $350 with agreat pair of stands is a Pioneer????? oh come on I know but keep reading. I was designed by the old designer from KEF they sound scary good. I'm not sure what the model # is Call the guys at Fidelis audio. don't buy those NHT's oh these are just so much better
Try the Audes CS 105. There are a couple of pairs on e-bay for sale now. I got a pair for my bedroom for just about $100 (that includes shipping cost) three months ago. This is an Estonia company that used to make Mig fighter jets and turned to audio when the USSR went kaput. Their sound has been compared to the B&W. For the price, they blow everything else away. I am driving them with a Hafler DH101 preamp and an ancient Audionics CC2 amp (70 wpc). The sound is unreal for the price. The NHT's don't even compare.
My best bet is the Acoustic Energy Aegis One for $300. Nice resolution with incredible midrange and adequate yet satisfying low end. Also, they are so good looking for the price. Perfect for bedroom music!
I listened to everything under $500: mission, atlantic,b&w,energy, definitive,etc., etc., and went with nht super zero's on sound organisation stands for openess and musicality. Added the new supersub crossed at 100Hz and the combination has amzing soundstage while the highs became even better. Those pioneers and MIG-29's better be aweful good to compete.
The Audes list for $549 from a regular dealer on Audiogon. So you didn't get to listen to an under $500 from them.
NHT SuperOne & 1.5 are both good speakers for the money. Also Energy Connoisseur C-2($600) and Paradigm Reference Studio 20($650) should be in your price range used. All these speakers sound great. Good luck.....LR
The NHT superones are great, particularly if you replace ypur acurus with the Jolida. With the solid state Acurus, I would go with the Acoustic Energy Aegis 1 - it is an absolutely INCREDIBLE speaker, particulary when you consider its price - 300 bucks!! I am a big fan of NHT, but the Aegis Ones are truly a spectacular speaker for the money.
On the used market, the Kef Q15 is a good choice...the single point source makes excelleng image and soundstage placement.
Try Paradigm Mini-Monitors, you may be pleasantly surprised (w/both sound and price). Depending on your musical taste, Mission may be worth a listen as well, also the B&W 601s.
try aused pair of spica tc-50's especially with the jolida
Try Paradigm Mini monitors or Monitor 3. I've heard good things about both and love the sound of my Moniter 7s.
Used NHT Superzeros/w NHT 8" powered sub combo would be my recommendation. Should come in right around that number.
PSB Image 2 monitor, brand new line from PSB, 2 way with 6.5 woofer has incredible range. List is $399 but many places on internet will sell for 250-300. I have a pair for my 2nd system. This model much better than PSB Alpha which constantly gets great reviews, e-mail me if you want reliable internet source for PSB, Sam
B&W DM302 or used pair of DM601s.
Currently on this site, B&W DM 601 s2, AE ageis 1, JM labs Micron Ti, all listed for $330 or less. The JMs have an exellent 5" Focal main driver. The others may have the edge as far as fit and finish is concerned, and perhaps max output. I know from experience the B&Ws are very durable. I woud recommend any one of them (above the super ones).