Best battery type for Nagra PL-P

Has anyone tried to replace the factory provided eight D-cells with another non-Nagra provided battery. NiCd, NiMH etc. Thanks for sharing your experience.
Used to own a Plp and replaced the stock cadmium battery packs with the radio shack rechargable NMH batteries which were just as good and much less expensive. Also the NMH batteries don't have a "memory" like the cadmium batteries so they don't need to be periodically run down and recharged like the cadmium ones. Always ran the NMH batteries with the charger plugged into ac power with fine results. The people at nagra said that NMH batteries would work just fine, and they did just perfectly for me.
I may have a better solution! First, why do you want to replace the stock batteries? Are they actual D-cells [in series...12v] or is it a battery pack?
Sometime ago I had to replace the batteries of my PLP. I did not want to wait for a Nagra replacement and bought 8 D size NiCd cells that I wraped in two thin cylinders - I did not nottice any difference in performance. I think they are 4Ah batteries.
NiCd batteries have a lower internal resistance than equivalent size NiMH - but it should not be important for this application that does not ask for high peak current.
Anyway, the advice from Nagra should be considered - in doubt ask John Quick at Nagra USA : .
Thanks for feedback. My batteries are two years old. If I listen over a weekend, they discharge over the next day or two. If I want to listen to music say a week later, I need to turn on the charger and charge for 15 minutes before turning the pre-amp unit on. After the batteries have been completely charged up the unit runs less than 2 minutes from battery. My sense is that Nagra is not buying batteries from the best supplier.
You should change the batteries as soon as possible - even when the preamp is working with mains the battery has a filter action. I noticed that my PLP batteries where needing replacement because the sound was becoming less full bodied and clear and I tried to use it out of the mains supply.
BTW, to increase battery life you should discharge them almost fully from time to time, specially the first times you use them. Mine lasted for almost four years.
I have a Nagra PLP and I have the same problem with the batteries you all like to know the type, size, brand and wed site where I can buy these batteries.

The ones I have currently installed in the PLP are the original Nagra (Very expensive $ 220.00) the tension was 11.16 v but it takes three hours to activate.
Thanks Rafael
Hello, As Nagra's Service Manager and product specialist for the US, wish to point out something: the PL-P is designed to stay plugged into the PLP-CCC3 power supply at all times during which the batteries will always be charging during use. It was never designed to run exclusively using batteries with external DC detached. (In fact the longest I have heard a PL-P run off batteries is but a few hours, most for less than one hour).

Also, the battery sticks are 4 standard D-Cell batteries, spot welded and heat shrinked, your local Batteries Plus can make two sets for you. Your choice NiMh or NiCd.
Hello Mcintech:
Thanks for answering my letter.

I am interested in buying 2 sets of batteries, I would like to know the product price plus shipping to Spain

As for NiMh or NiCd not which one is best for the PL-P, advise me

? always connected to the network PLP-CCC3 means every day of the year (day and night) or just when running. "

The Nagra PL-P, Serial Number 5500304, was bought in Lyric Hi-Fi New York
I've always had problems with the batteries.

? Periodicity with which to do a discharge of the batteries ".

Please answer soon

Greetings Rafael

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If the cells are completely flat, leave the PL-P switched "OFF" over night, with the CCC-3 charger connecter and turned "ON". During this period the trickle charge current, 50-100mA, will bring the batteries to a state where the risk of reverse polarization will not occur.

In NagraNews 17, January 1999 " Periodically, about once a month, it is a good idea to completely discharge the internal batteries, until the PL-P stops automatically. Then return the input selector and connect the charger unit to reinitialize a charge cycle."

If PL-P OFF and CCC-3 disconnected, discharge current is - 2mA . INTERNAL BATTERY WILL BE TOTALLY FLAT AFTER 2-3 MONTHS.

If PL-P OFF and CCC-3 connected but in OFF MODE, discharge current is -10 mA, INTERNAL BATTERY WILL BE TOTALLY FLAT AFTER 15-20 days.

If PL-P ON and charger disconnected or OFF, discharge current is - 2.3 A, internal battery will discharge and the PL-P will automatically stop when 10% of the capacity remains. Approximately 1.5 hours.

If PL-P ON and charger connected and switched ON, internal battery receives trickle charge current, and will remain ON permanently.

Charger CCC3 connected and switched ON : switching the PL-P from ON to OFF begins initialization of the charge routine. 0.4 to 0.6 A for 12 hours. After 12 hours the trickle charge current is supplied ."