Best bass response in under $1500 used towers

Looking at some towers in the under $1500.00 used range w/good full bass response,some that I was wondering about,Vandersteen 2ce sig,Von Schweikert 2,Meadowlark shearwater,what else is there,any suggestions?
PSB Stratus Gold Is.... I found the bass much more prodigous and defined than the paradigm 100s
PSB Stratus Gold I
without any doubt. I have had Meadowlark Osprey's , Von Schweikert VR 2's, The Vandersteen 2ce sigs...I have the PSB's Gold I's now and they are most impressive.
NHT 3.3's are another option or NHT 2.9, Biamp with NHT SA-3 amp! amazing full range for the right price.
I'll second the NHT 3.3's. Killer bass, but does require some significant muscle to drive it cleanly.

I haven't found good bass in this price range. I'll try some of the suggested speakers. I've auditioned the Paradigms twice but wasn't blown away by the bass. Maybe room issues. I settled for a small sub with crossover set to about 50Hz. Really adds another dimension to small floor standers.
You really can't go wrong with the Stratus gold is, especiqally used. They're a hell of a speaker
The NHT 3.3's would definitely NOT need a subwoofer.

A bit over your budget, but you may also want to take a listen to the very well-reviewed Gallo Reference III's. I was moderately impressed with them, though not wowed, but I think much of that had to do with the SS amplification in my case. They did exhibit some very tight realistic bass that went plenty low. They offer a sub amp option, though I cannot imagine needing that.

I don't have a lot of comparisons to go off of, but I would say a used pair of Paradigm 100's would deliver very ample bass.
I third NHT 3.3s (or 2.9s under $1000 used).

Paradigm Studio 100s have 7inch drivers.
NHT 2.9s have 10inch.
3.3s have 12inch. It's not even close in terms of bass response between 3.3s and Studio 100s.

Stratus Goldi towers (with dual 8.5inch?) have alot of output/SPL down to ~40hz....comparable to the 2.9s (which go a little lower).

Here are two detailed reviews on the 3.3s:
Soliloquy 6.3
They have a bass response of 25Hz. Not quite as low as the NHT (22Hz), but something to consider depending upon your choice of amplifiers, and preference in sound.
Good luck in your search!
If you stretch your budget just a tad, you may be able to pick up a pair of Thiel CS3.6's, which are not only very full but also very accurate in the low registers.
add a grand and take the time to find a pair of used dunlavy cantatas, better yet some athenas but the cheapest i've seen is in the 2500 range. they'll be the last speaker you ever need