Best Bass amp

I was wondering in a 2-way setup(Classe CA-400on mid/hi) which would be best on my dual Volt 12's/side(30-380hz),Krell KSA 250,300s,fpb300(would love a 600)?I do not want to spend any more than $2-$3000.There is a fresh rebuilt KSA 250 a couple hours away but did not want to under power or if a 300s would be better?The 12's are 300watts each but have put a Bryston 14bsst on them with good results in the past,just wanted to try the famous krell bass.
Any advice
thanks John
How about another Classe CA 400?
I would look at a classe D amp. Something like Bel Canto REF500S Dual Mono Amplifier. Some people complain that Class D ICE chips provide "funny" sounding bass, but Bel Canto has solved this riddle with the reference series. You can get a REF500s online now for under $2000 new.
If you don't mind the heat the KSA-250 will put out it will more than control your speaker. I used them on old B&W 801 Matrix 3's (89db efficient) and the KAS rocked! This amp can easily drive a 2 ohm load; you will have no problem. I used a Jeff Rowland Consummate preamp and I think of all the equipment I have been through; Krell FPB 300; 600, KPS-25sc with FPB 650 monos, then FPB 750 mono's with a KCT and the KSA still holds its own. If you have a good musical preamp and good cabling you will be please. My favorite all time Krell system was my 750 monos and the KCT. Wish I still owned them to drive my Wilson MAXX 2's; best bass ever.
Thanks guys
I was looking for a second 400 in silver but they are in tough shape for the money being asked.
I am not into 20lb for $2000 class "D" stuff,at least not yet.
I have a chance to acquire a KSA 250 in good shape and was recapped in 2008.I have had a Bryston 14bsst but wanted to try the Krell bass and I am not sure if the 250 will be close to the low SPL of the 14.
Krell's excell at bass, but KSA-250 isn't one of Krell's best bass amps.
If the KSA-250 isn't a good bass amp, which ones are?
Perhaps a FPB 300 would be better? Why? I would like to know as I am also looking for a strong bass amp:)
I never said the KSA 250 wasn't a good bass amp. What I said is that there are other Krells that are better bass amps.
Don't know about "best" in terms of sonics but one of the best values would be a used Eagle or EKSC. The Electron Kinetics Service Center builds upgraded models and services the older John Iverson Eagle amps so they are not orphans.

Great power and control from a package that runs cool for its rated output. No longer so well known as Krell, Classe, Bryston, etc. so can be a great value.