Best Basis turntable

Hi fellow audiogoners - I am giving serious consideration to acquiring a used Basis 2500, 2800 or Debut turntable. Which is the one to get? I look forward to your timely replies. Thanks very much.
Get the one highet up the Basis line you can afford.
I have a Debut with the vacuum clamp and a separate motor power supply/controller. This is a terrific sounding table. I cannot say how it compares with the other models in the lineup, having not made any direct comparison in my system. A friend had a great sounding 2500, but, with the construction of his house, it was somewhat sensitive to footfall. The 2500 is much lighter than the Debut, and it is suspended differently--the plinth moves much more readily when pushed than is the case with the Debut. I suspect that this difference would affect sensitivity to footfall as well as the sound.

Regardless of which table you get, get one of the new, high performance (more tight tolerance) belts that can be bought from Basis. That belt made a bigger difference in the sound than the MUCH more expensive upgrade to the separate power supply/controller.