Best Bang for your Buck DAC ?

I just realized I’m in the market for a DAC , I don’t want to spend a fortune on a DAC either . I picked up a drangonfly cobalt a while back and am unimpressed  so I moved it to my CPU and sounds really good on my system there which when I bought it figured I would do anyway since it was my first DAC purchase . There are so many DACs I have no clue , how high up on the returns chart can I go at say $1,000 before I run into heavy Diminished returns resistance. I’m open to buying used . I was thinking about a Schitt made in the states ? Anyone’s take on best bang for buck DACs? 
For me it’s what’s up stream of the dac that made a significant difference in sound quality. However everyone’s experiences can be completely different chasing better playback by way of changing dacs focusing on the source will pay off in dividends.

Then to the other side member Djones51 comments above , I read enough of his comments to believe he’s some sort of self appointed consumer watchdog and advocate whom reacts with belittling others here that in his mind are waisting their own money .

This illusion of better sound quality is imaginary and doesn’t really exist , he paints everyone with with same brush like many are impressionable and naive 12 year olds .
Djones if your completely happy with your $300.00 dac and $3.00 Amazon power cord enjoy ! 
AME ADI-2 is fantastic, but your use-case may warrant allocating your budget differently.  Family-friendly?  Snag a Sonos Amp and treat the power properly, euphonic and simple.  Hegel H95 if you want to spend more.  At that price point, to my ears, the synergy of a quality integrated surpasses the benefits of a superlative DAC.
Schiit Modi 3 is a great place to start. Completely affordable and you can check the 'B' Stock section on for open-box and other markdowns. Other option is a used Schiit Bifrost - bit of an upgrade from the Modi, and can usually be had for <$300 on eBay. Have fun!