Best "Bang for the Buck" you have owned?

Yes, the CJ ART, various Audio Research were all great...but I do remember lower priced items that gave much pleasure for their price.

In no order, The Large Advent,  DQ-10, Nakamichi SR receivers,  inexpensive Nordost cables, many tuners giving good vibes vis "FREE" music.  Also, in a different way, the Nakamichi TM radios and SoundSpace systems. 

There was a solid state ARC pre that was very

And I do  remember "free" listening at some friends homes/systems that were great values. I was exceedingly lucky to have a best friend that bought most of my gear when I was "moving on".  It gave me the chance to listen to what I had had compared to what I currently least once what I had sold to him was better than what my replacement gear was...........the old "live and learn". 

Here goes:
 A pair of Celestion  66 Studio Monitors: $5 at a Goodwill Outlet center with one missing stock tweeter that had been replaced with a $2.00 tweeter, but still sound very, very good. I replaced the $2 tweeter with a rare find stock unit (s) ($180 for a pair) and 10 hours of work on the cabinets and grills. They are really an amazing speaker (Abbey Road Studios had used Celestion  66 Studio Monitor for years.
and perhaps better bang for buck for me was:
A pair of Linn Isobarik DMS's I got at a town wide garage sale for $150 with custom Kimber cables, that I listened to for 5 years and am still reluctant to,  sell them.
between the Isobarik's and the Celestions was a pair of Acoustat III 's 
2 more:
Paragon Acoustics "The Regent"  My current speakers  rare find for currently under $1000 but was an accidental purchase keystroke from eBay 
 Infinity Prelude MTS  but the WAF  in our house didn't work.  $10k when new with center channel and a Stereophile Class "A" rating for under $2K and a  Floyd Toole design

Phase Technologies PC 9.5 floor standing speakers.

I remember putting a nickle on top of the tonearm head shell and getting much better sound. Total cost? You guessed it.