Best "Bang for the Buck" you have owned?

Yes, the CJ ART, various Audio Research were all great...but I do remember lower priced items that gave much pleasure for their price.

In no order, The Large Advent,  DQ-10, Nakamichi SR receivers,  inexpensive Nordost cables, many tuners giving good vibes vis "FREE" music.  Also, in a different way, the Nakamichi TM radios and SoundSpace systems. 

There was a solid state ARC pre that was very

And I do  remember "free" listening at some friends homes/systems that were great values. I was exceedingly lucky to have a best friend that bought most of my gear when I was "moving on".  It gave me the chance to listen to what I had had compared to what I currently least once what I had sold to him was better than what my replacement gear was...........the old "live and learn". 

The first VMPS 626R w/ most of the upgrades for $1200--new territory for sound in my system.  They had tremendous clarity, yet were not hard on the ears, then added a VMPS 215 sub w/ VSS upgrades for just $600.  The sound just got that much better at the mid and even high frequencies in addition to the much better bass.  

Getting the Sistrum SP-3 shelf rack for just $900 used.  Then got 3 RTS couplers to clamp the components to the shelf for just $140.  Each of those used deals increase the live quality of the sound along with more dynamics and clarity.

Each of the PPT products that I had added to the system in the last few years--caused a massive uptake in realism and tone.

NAD 1020 preamp and Snell J-II speakers, both of which I purchased in the late '70s and still use on a regular basis. 
Easily the Clear Day Audio double shotgun speaker cables.  Rest In Peace Paul.
They are fantastic in my system. 
Emotionally, Philips 22 AR470. (full price and some more)

Financially, Technics SL-Q2. (full price)

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Best "Bang for the Buck" you have owned?

Audio wise, A Grundig receiver with matching speakers. Very heavy. Purchased used on C.L. many years ago. Still used on the regular. Giveaway price with original manuals, sales brochures and receipt of purchase from 1970. Quite nice.