Best Band That Never Was

Vocals - Joe Cocker
Guitars - Jeff Beck and Derek Trucks
Bass - Donald "Duck" Dunn
Sax - David Sanborn
Drums - Richard Hayward
Background Vocals - I Threes
the monkees....of course they actually turned into one, after playing one on tv.....
original thread...
How about:
A live Steely Dan concert with:
Becker-Guitar/Fagin-electric Fender Rhodes
Steve Gadd-Drums
Marcus Miller-Bass
Mike Stern-Guitar
Dave Gruisin-piano
Randy Brecker,Jon Faddis-trumpets
Dave Sanborn,Wayne Shorter-Saxes
Airto - percussion
Jimmy Stoma and the Slut Puppies. My favorite lp was A Painful Burning Sensation. I belive Jimmy did a solo lp, Stomatose, that was excellent also.
Bruce Willis - harmonica
Kevin Bacon - voc,guitar
President Clinton - sax
Mike Piazza - drums
Billy Shears - bass
Richard Thompson - Lead Guitar
Richie Havens - Rythm Guitar
Nicky Hopkins - Keyboards
Steve Mariott - Vocals
Jaco - Bass
Mick Fleetwood - Percussion

Denise Richards - Groupie
I dunno, maybeee...

Ian Curtis - vocals
Edgard Varése - melodies
Keith Moon - rhythms
Vocals- Jim Morrison
Guitars- Jimi, Stevie Ray
Bass- Felix Pappalardi
Keyboards- Nicky Hopkins
Drums- Keith Moon
Make every effort to find Suzanne Rhatigan's "To Hell with Love" ... kind of like an energetic Janis Joplin, but a clear combo of blues, jazz, and pop. Will NOT disappoint, at least not in absolute terms.
I'll take Steely Dan

but the following

steve Gadd drums
chuck rainey bass
bernard Perdie on drums
wayne shorter sax
phil woods sax
miles trumpet
sade and two clones twins of hers on backing vocals

playing deep cuts, none of this hits pandering the dan has been doing lately