Best Band of the Big Band Era ?

If anyone else has ever heard one from the '35-46 era that is, I heard them all as a child and ,according to my mom , was hooked on them when I was three.

I hadn't listen to one in years, spun an LP today from the great Charlie Barnet Band laid down in 39-40, which knocked my socks off, sounds like a cross between Benny Goodman and Ellington with a dab of Basie thrown in for spice !
Here are a few I was brought up on from my childhood:

Guy Lombardo and His Royal Canadians
Lionel Hampton Orchestra
Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey Big Bands
Glenn Miller Orchestra
Sammy Kaye- "Swing and sway with Sammy Kaye"
Henry Haag “Harry” James- The Harry James Orchestra
Artie Shaw
Can't argue with that, Lloydc .
I don't know Charlie Barney, but will check it out since Count Basie is a favorite, Bennie G is a hero, and Duke Ellington did some fantastic stuff with big bands - notably Far East Suite. In my book, That's a pretty good lineage to cross!

Barking up a slightly different tree, many of The jump bands like Cab Calloway were great high energy outfits that portended rock n roll. In this group, Louis Jordan is my personal favorite as that outfit provided a blueprint for Chuck Berry. Really instrumental (pun intended) in shaping the future of American popular music.
Artie Shaw and Count Basie and Tommy Dorsey, to slow the tempo up a bit, are my favorites.
Great bands already named and all before my time. But to add to the list. Cab Calloway is a fun evening of music.
Ellington. I mean, it's Ellington.
Virtually all of these bands can be seen on You Tube. Incredible stuff. Check out Peggy Lee with Benny Goodman.
Thanks Chayro, didn't think of that.
Check out Doc Severinsen with Charlie's be-bop side from 1948, that's how he liked to play though " Cherokee" put them on the map.