Best banana plugs 2016

I have always been a fan of bare speaker wire Where practical, but have an application for a speaker termination that is best served by banana plugs. And smaller plugs in terms of length behind the actual plug specifically. Have had good luck in past with Audioquest silver speaker cable terminations. Your suggestion for the most transparent solution currently available much appreciated. Looking for less brass or nickel and more copper or silver in body of conductors.
Take a look at Furez - they have different cable sizes and two flavours - set screw mount and crimped...

I’ve tried the Silver plated set screw model and they sound excellent, but because they are pure copper (not a copper alloy) they can be easily bent if accidently knocked, but then you can bend them back with no problem

KLE Innovations also uses some very good Bananas, but you’ll have to email them for details - they are not on their web site’s product list as yet.

Good luck on your quest
These look very promising.  

Thanks williwonka!

Ok, bought these silver plated copper body banana connectors from Furez based on williwonka's advice and scan of the market.  They arrived in two days, great service from Douglas Connections!  Installed them and have to say right out of the package they sounded at least as good as bare wire.  Big improvement over gold plated brass banana connectors I was using that really sucked the life out of the music. 

The Furez connectors were a very tight fit in the binding post due to size and spring system, perhaps that is part of the performance advantage, and as you noted the metal is soft so care is advised when handling.

Overall, two thumbs up for this product.

If you need less brass or nickel and more copper, then Sewell Direct SW-29863-6 Deadbolt banana plug fulfilled your all requirements. It provides faster signal transfer and 24-carat gold plate connectors. It comes with quick lock technology.
+1 for  KLE Innovations