Best Balanced/XLR Under $200

Just bought my first preamp and amp with XLR in/outputs (Rotel RC-1070 and Rotel RB-1080), so I'm curious to give it try. Currently connecting the two with Analysis Plus Oval Ones, which seem okay. I'm thinking about Audioquest King Cobra or PS Audio Statements but am open to other suggestions.
If you can score a pair of used Straightwire Maestro II, you'll be pretty thrilled. Why those? Well besides great materials (teflon, ofc stranded copper, blah, blah), the two signal conductors (in each cable) are separately shielded, which in balanced configuration gives black background and great transient response (as long as you aren't running 8 meters!)
The Straightwire Maestro suggestion is a good one. Also, the BMC (Black Mountain Cable Co.) XLR's are very good for the price. A little warmer and smoother than the Straightwires (in my system, my ears, etc) and they seem to go at auction for less than $200.

Your right on with the AQ. I would go for the AQ King Cobra. Excellent cable especially for the $
Went into a high-end shop in NYC today and was told a balanced interconnect would not make any noticeable difference in my system. I always pay attention when dealers talk you OUT of spending money. Thoughts? If I drop $ for balanced interconnects at this price point, will I hear a difference?
balanced cables do make a differnce with a dual differential design (it helps if you can run all balanced or connecting between truly balanced designs) once i heard my system fully balanced, there is no turning back...

here are some cable suggestions that are highly regarded and very good imo..

just as a heads up - it is is really hard to find a truly great cable for $400 and under retail that workd well in a wide range of systems..most sub price $400 retail cables do a couple things really well ( mid range, imaging etc.. but it is really hard to get high resolution at the frequency extremes (delicate/ detailed highs and thundering deep bass)

hope this helps..

discovery plus 4 (slightly warm)
straightwire serenade (great cable- a smige on the warm side but really musical. if you want brighter/more detail go with the maestro)
wireworld eclipse III (nicely balanced sound- between the serenade & the maestro)
soundstring (disclosure... i have a pair for sale for a little more than $200- high resolution neutral cable that is one of the best cables under $1k (to do better you will have to spend mucho $$$$$$-check the reviews..)

all are great, musical cables...

btw, dont forget about speaker cables and power cords !!!!!
I got bluejeans and they are great for a small price.