Best balanced source direct to amp

I recently purchased a Theta Miles which I am using directly into a Threshold amp via balanced inputs. I definitely like the "direct" sound (better transparency). The EAD DSP 9000 Pro III balanced looks pretty interesting. Any other cd player or DAC recommendations that can do balanced directly to amp in the $1,500 range? Thanks for your time, attention and assistance.

Camelot Uther 3 [or 4] with a Dragon Pro2 Mk2 jitter/res box via Excalibur I2S cable. Hard to beat at ~1500. Good luck and enjoy the Miles!
Definitely look at a used Resolution Audio CD 50 or CD 55
Far superior sonically to the Miles (I've owned all three)
Fabulous analog pre amp section

Theta GenVIII direct to power amps. Handles both digital and analog inputs.