Best balanced signal cable

Hello Guys,

I need to buy a 3 meter (10ft) blanced signal cables to connect my Pass Labs X1 preamp to my monos Parasound Halos JC1s
My speakers are the Thiel 2.4 , but I don't want to spend lotsa money
Which cable do you suggest?
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Talk to Frank at Signal Cable. Good cables at a reasonable price.
Ralph Karsten, who designs/builds/owns Atmasphere personally uses Mogami balanced cables in his professional and audiophile systems. Do a search here in the archives for "Mogami", I'm sure you will find his reasoning behind using them.

Mogami is very, very, affordable. No hi-end, exotic, nano-tech, liquid-ferrous cooling, spiel. Just professional cables for the recording industry.
I use ordinary microphone type XLR cables from a company called Yorkville as well as Mogami (both available at a local music/guitar center). Mogami are roughly twice as expensive but slightly better built and probably more durable. Can I hear a difference between one and the other - not that I have noticed...
They are not given away, but I was very surprised by the Morrow Audio ICs. They have a very high performance to cost ratio compared to other more expensive ICs I have tried. The only Morrows I have tried are the PH-1 phono and MA-2 IC. I kept both and currently think them the best sounding ICs I have ever had in this system.
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They are not given away, but I was very surprised by the Morrow Audio ICs.
Morrow doesn't seem to make balanced IC's. At least, they don't have them on their website.
Blue Jean Cable sells decent balanced IC's at a decent price, will make the cable to a length you specify, and ship quickly. These work fine for me but I am not one who finds a lot of difference between IC's so long as quality wire and connectors are used. BJC's web site provides info as to their wire and connectors.
Correction: Morrow Audio makes balanced interconnects.
Visit Virtual Dynamics website, they have a great line of products and trade up policy
I found a bargain with MIT's EXP Proline series (not sure of exact model). I'm also not one who hears much difference in quality ICs so after experimenting with some fairly high priced cables I got a deal on the MITs and have been happy with them. Nice build quality and the packaging for mine says "Made in USA."
What's your budget? PS Audio Transcedent Silver is outstanding- warm, full bodied, fast and extended
Hi Tweak1,

I don't want to spend more than 500 USD$ .. so this is my budget
Try Kool Cables Inc (Kci) they make more than just gold IC's. His web site needs to be up-dated ( but he makes power cords and speaker cables as well. A great guy to deal with and fantastic cables.
Hi Psjulian,

I searched for a balanced cable on the Kool Cable site but I didn't find one .. only RCA
Thanks Guy for the suggestions
What do you think about the silver in the interconnects?
Signal Cable and KCI are offering silver IC at resonable price..
It *might* be worth a try to go by Guitar Center and try a set of Mogami Analog Reference Microphone Cables, 'Gold' series.
This is a top choice among music pros and used in studios and live performances. I think they also make a 'Platinum' series for hi-end audio use, but you may want to just try the 'Gold'.

I connect my CA 840c CD player to my PSAudio GCC250 integrated.
Very good suggestion Magfan.

Ralph is right, Mogami is hard to beat, especially for the price. You can find many places to order custom terminated pairs at custom lengths for dirt cheap(e.g. $65 for 20ft. pair inc. Neutrik XLRs). ebay has tons of sellers look for musical instrument sellers. Cheers,

Mogami as already suggested, Oyaide PA-02, and Chimera Labs Advantage Audio are all in your price range and very good. I've used all three in my system recently with great results.
Tara Labs The One - a little pricey, but, WOW!
Chimera Labs Advantage Audio? .. New for me
The Chimera Labs are new for me too. Sort of fell into them. Check out the information on their website.

Also, a 4m pair of Alpha Core TQ-2 cables are for sale here on Audiogon. These are very well regarded cables as well in your price range.

Lastly check out Grover Huffman cables. They have a pretty steady cult following and are highly regarded. I haven't heard these, but I did order a set of their speaker cables to try out.
Thanks Clio,

I have found the Grover Huffman web site
Interesting cables
Anyone tried Paul Speltz AntiCable IC in balanced config.?