Best balanced interconnects under 350

Looking for best balanced cables to run from Theta Pro Basic IIIa to Krell KRC3 (new or used market) At or around $350. Presently using Transparent Super XLRs from KRC3 to FPB 200c. I prefer dynamic, open, forward sound without digital hash. I have liked silver cables but found them lacking solid bass response.
Why not use copper AND silver so as to get the best of both worlds? Harmonic Technology ProSilways are a hybrid design using both metals that should fit your desires. Their XLR version lists for $439 a pair and should be available used for about what you have budgeted. The best description of them I've seen is on HT's Web site. Unlike so many companies that over hype their wares, HT's claims under "Listening Impressions" are pretty accurate. A review was also recently posted on Stereophile's Web site, too. In the interest of full disclosure, I am not familiar with your hardware and make this suggestion based on the stated desire for "dynamic, open, forward sound without digital hash". That's what they gave me.
Not expensive but the best interconnects I've tried are Goertz Micro Purl Silver. I'm using 2 pair with rca jacks and 1 pair balanced. Great results and no bass problems. The Needle Doctor has very good prices on these cables.
Have you tried the line of interconnects by Silver Audio? Check out
For the price range you are in, the Harmonic Technology ProSilway II have the best and the most positive reviews.
If you look at how many hi end stores carry their products, well I think it speaks for itself. I have just purchased 2 1/2 pairs of the HT Magic. I believe they are at
Cardas Nuetral Reference needs to be added to you list!
I recently bought the "Silver Lace" from HomeGrownAudio and am VERY pleased with it. It has 8 braided strands of solid core, 26 gauge silver wire with high quality RCA jacks, and you buy a 1-meter kit (DIY, assemble and solder) for about $180. I've used a lot of different cables in my system, and haven't heard anything that comes close at this price to the "Silver Lace". If interested, go to HGA's Web site:
I reccommend another balanced transparent super interconnect.I dont know the length needed but if you can wait the 1meter ones come up for the price you mentioned from time to time and cheaper.Picked up my 1meter for $250 and my 3meter for $400
I am currently using Synergistic Research Kaleidoscope Phase 1 balanced cables in my Audio Research/Magnepan system. They are slightly layed back and very detailed. I would give them a try. Oh yes, I happen to have an extra XLR for sale. Retail is $390 you can have for $150 if interested.
Based on your preference try TMC balanced cables.
Very open and smooth
They offer 45 day return policy
They also regulary auction theire cables at audiogon