Best Balanced interc. cables for powered monitors

I need your recomendations to buy balanced interconnect cables for profesionals powered monitors as Genelec, Dynaudio, Adams or Focal.
I´m working in a new system mixing profesionals powered monitors with Hi End CD Players and Preamplifiers.
Some options:
Tara Labs Air series
Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II
Harmonic Technology Magic Link II
The cables will be use between a tube preamplifier and the powered monitors, or between a CD Player like the Audio Aero Capitole direct to the monitors.
I will apreciate all your suggest or recomendations.
As I heard, Pro powered monitos like Genelecs are lean, so I don´t recomend the Acoustic Zen Silver Ref. II.
Probable the the cooper Matrix Ref. work better.
Harmonic Tech represent an excellent option.
I didn´t hear the Tara Labs but I remember that I red in a forum that a person recomend the Air 1 or 2 for Powered Monitors.
You can contact to the Cable Company. They have many experience with cables and matching with systems.
Good list. I would also add Acoustic Zen Matrix Ref MkII and Nirvana S-L.
Any, which does not cost more than 100 usd. Anything above is useless spending, save you have money to burn.
Be sure to consider the Cardas line of products