Best Balanced interc. cables for powered monitors

I need your recomendations to buy balanced interconnect cables for profesionals powered monitors as Genelec, Dynaudio, Adams or Focal.
I´m working in a new system mixing profesionals powered monitors with Hi End CD Players and Preamplifiers.
Some options:
Tara Labs Air series
Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II
Harmonic Technology Magic Link II
The cables will be use between a tube preamplifier and the powered monitors, or between a CD Player like the Audio Aero Capitole direct to the monitors.
I will apreciate all your suggest or recomendations.
As I heard, Pro powered monitos like Genelecs are lean, so I don´t recomend the Acoustic Zen Silver Ref. II.
Probable the the cooper Matrix Ref. work better.
Harmonic Tech represent an excellent option.
I didn´t hear the Tara Labs but I remember that I red in a forum that a person recomend the Air 1 or 2 for Powered Monitors.
You can contact to the Cable Company. They have many experience with cables and matching with systems.
Good list. I would also add Acoustic Zen Matrix Ref MkII and Nirvana S-L.
Any, which does not cost more than 100 usd. Anything above is useless spending, save you have money to burn.
Be sure to consider the Cardas line of products
Go with Tara labs Air 1 or 2