Best Balanced IC for Audio Aero Capitole

I´ve just bought an AA Capitole Classic SE and I want to buy balanced Interconnect Cable for it.
As I red, the AA is very sensitive to cables, so I want to know your experience.
Up to the moment I use the Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II but I think there are many better options.
I red many excellent reviews, coments and opinions of differents cables like Stereovox Bal600, Harmonix HS-101GP,Kubala Sosna Emotion and Expresion, Ridge Street Audio Poiema...and many more, but I don´t know how they work with Audio aero players.
I will apreciate your opinions.
What's your budget? I use to own an AA Capitole Reference SE. I ran MIT Oracle V3.1's with great success. I have also used Stealth & Nordost will decent results.
For your information, AA plyers are not true balanced designs, the balanced output is derived from the single ended output through a device. I was told that by the designer himself at the Montréal Son & Image show a few years ago. So unless you run a long interconnect (that's what I do, as I use my AA Prestige as my preamp also) or that the component where it's plugged in has only balanced connextion, for ultimate fidelity, the RCA output should be the better one.

As far as cable goes, I use a 20 feet run of Van den Hul D-102. It's pretty neutral and is affordable for a long run.

Hope this helps.