Best Balanced DVD/CD players to audition

What are the best balanced (XLR connection) DVD/CD players on the market that people have heard and think are worth an audition?
Jolida JD 700
Take a look at the underwood modded Denon 3910 players, with the balanced tube outputs. Very nice sounding universal player with true balanced circuits including the DACs.
Have to add the Esoteric's to this list...
Meridian 800/861. That's about as good as it gets for DVD playback.
Krell Showcase DVD
I second the Esoteric. I have the DV50S and I think it should be on the list as well. It sounds great IMHO on SACD's DVD-A's and redbook cd's. And it's a good dvd player to boot.
The short answer: Ayre.