Best available Tube Dac around 3k

What is the best available tube dac for around 3k looking for smooth, analog, detail, and dynamic any info will be grealy appreciated.
Well, for $4K you can consider an Audio Logic 24MXL ,,, might be the best DAC out there, period.
Tri-Vista 21
Though not a tube dac, the audiomeca mephisto X is a smooth as almost anything out there and I would give it a listen too. Hope this is not to off topic. If you have any questions drop me a note
Try the Audio Note 2.1X
The Audio Logic was one of the best tube DACs that I have heard so far, but I did prefer the Chord over it. I did not get a chance to roll the tubes. I have not heard the MF, AN, Audio Aero or the Tube Technology DACs yet.

Happy Listening.
Audio Logic, Audio Aero Prima (Dac) come to mind.
Musical Fidelity TRIVISTA DAC-21. Awesome!
the audio logic 2400 lets you forget you are listening to the digital medium,enough said
Thanks for all the responses will try to get audio logic for audition. Any good dealer for audio logic?
Do a search here and at AA for Audio Note DACs. You will be glad you did.
Not sure where you are located, but I was at Avantgarde Music and Cinema in NYC a few weeks ago and I know Bob is picking up the AudioLogic line - you might want to give him a call ... Happy Holidays!
Another vote for the Audio Logic; used they are an absolute steal. Other good recommendations above as well.