Best audiophile multichannel SACD player

What is the best multichannel SACD player that has a "warm, analog-like" sound? Or,at least, what comes the closest?
Depends on the budget. Start with Denon 5910ci, Then Ecsoteric DV60 on up through their line. Linn Akutarte, Mcintosh has a few it really depned on your budget?
There is no such thing as "The Best", but what is "the Best" for your system. One could be the very best for someone, not necessary the best one for others. A single piece of your system doesn't dictate the whole thing, find what's best for your system is what leading us to this Audiogon's world here. People keep asking why (upgrades)? That's because most of us here still trying to find all the right pieces and the makeup of our systems. To answer to your question, you really have to play within your budget and move up from there. Start with some entry level from Denon, Marantz. You might find the right one for your system even before moving to much more higher prices.

To follow the logic of your post, you'd have to try every new component in your system. The last sentence of your post is inconsistent with that logic. That's probably not a practical suggestion; I'd guess few suppliers would let you try out a component in your system.

The Denon 5910ci is mentioned above. I would guess the posters haven't owned this player. I own one and think it's a wonderful player. But it definitely does not have a "warm, analog-like sound." If you're looking for that, save your time and look elsewhere.
Esoteric is warm?

More like accurate and border-line clinical. But: trust your ears only, and listen to as many as you can in your room/system
Don't discount the Sony players. Keep in mind that they invented and own the SACD chip technology. I'm still using an older Sony 999ES and it's about as musical on SACD as you can get. I've heard very good things about the newer Sony 5400 and also the Krell SACD standard if you can go a little higher.
if you can find a multi channel tube-based player, audition it. most solid state players suffer by trying to do too many things. i owned a marantz and was somewhat disapooinyted with it. the esoteric i heard was on the clinical side. good luck.
For under $10,000. I've auditioned the Esoteric x03 SE and x06, AR CD7 (not SACD), the Krell, classe, SimAudio super nova, and Accuphase DP78. Of these for my ears, I felt the Accuphase was the best from the standpoint of clarity, soundstage, dynamics, inner detail, and an organic sound that I prefer. It's also built like a tank. I liked it so much that I purchased one.
The best MC SACD player I've heard is the Playback Designs MPS-5
Thanks for the input. My understanding is that the Playback
Designs MPS-5 is stereo only.
The Playback has ST-optical out for MC. You can use this to feed an external DAC for the Center and surrounds.
I rip the MC SACD layer using this all the time.