Best Audiophile Dealer in Greater Portland OR

Recommendations on a dealer in the greater Portland OR area that offers a great selection of audiophile components & knowledgeable service? Thank you.
Lou Hinkley of Daedalus Audio is moving his shop down to Portland from north of Seattle in the next several weeks. Lou is a musician who also builds some of the finest acoustic amplification and home audio loudspeakers--period. He also carries a number of brands of electronics and wire as part of a retail operation. Lou is a straight shooter who knows what sounds good and can help you get the most value for money out of your audio dollars. He has helped me build a system around his DA1 loudspeakers that I thoroughly enjoy. Check him out on the web and then give him a call.
echo audio, pearl audio video, and audio gallery in lake oswego.
Echo Hifi, Stereotypes.
Thank you for the leads. Since I have compiled a list of separates & main speakers that I would like to audition, the challenge is to find dealers that might stock these components. Living here in central Oregon, my options are limited.
i'll echo for echo.....seattle's stereo row still rules the northwest
I agree with rbstheno. I like Pearl Audio Video, very cool selection even though their store is small. The guys there seem to have the most experience and are really nice. Somebody was saying they are expanding???
In addition to what's been said, Fred's Sound of Music on Hawthorne has been a good place to do business.