Best Audiophile Christmas Recordings

Just purchased some new hi-end audio equipment. Looking to enhance my Christmas collection of music. What's the best out there??? Thanks...
Christmastime With the Judds is a "must have" album.
A Special Gift for You from Phil Spector is the best Christmas album ever. Well, some may not consider it audiophile quality, it was recorded in mono. However, arguments can also be made for Phil's Wall of Sound production techniques. You can get this recording 2 ways. 1) as a stand alone or as part of his Back to Mono boxed set. I recommend spending the extra money. His recordings are essential for any collection. At the moment, I can't attest to the sonics. My present speakers aren't capable of reproducing anything near audiophile qualities. However, I just ordered a pair of Vandersteen 1C's. Order should be in 2 weeks. If you want a more qualified answer, e-mail me. I can either post back or submit a follow-up here.
John Fahey-gorgeous solo acoustic guitar Willie Nelson Pretty Paper The Judds Leon Redbone Christmas Island Tingstad & Rumbel Star of Wonder Squirrel Nut Zippers Christmas Caravan Narada - Christmas Collection All are great musically & sonically- have fun
the manhattan transfer-the christmas album,the charlie byrd christmas album on concord,a concord jazz christmas,warner bros.jazz christmas party, jingle cats meowy christmas(deep bass), a merry jazzmas on rca/novus, john pizzarelli-lets share christmas, surfin christmas featuring the beach boys, star of wonder on reference recordings, liona boyd-a gkuitar for christmas, mannheim steamroller christmas, elmo + patsy-grandma got run over by a reindeer, wynton marsalis-crescent city christmas card, daavid grismans acoustic christmas, david benoit-christmastime, emmylou harris-light of the stable>the christmas album, yule struttin'*a blue note christmas, a jazz christmas*host jazz for a cool night on musicmasters, god rest ye merry jazzmaen on columbia, jingle bell jazz on columbia, paul horn-the peace that enough?
You want good performances and great audio, go with the discs of Christmas arrangements for quartet on the John Marks record label.
Jewels Christmas recording is great.
Trans Siberian Orchestra "Christmas Eve and Other Stories"
Two of my favorites are: 1. Liona Boyd: A Guitar For Christmas 2. Cantate Domino (Proprius label) - although not strictly an Xmas record, it features a number of Xmas carols. This recording has been a standard in my home at Xmas, ever since the recording was first released. Cantate Domino has also been on a number of "Best of" audiophile lists.
I agree with sdcampbell on Cantate Domino. My personal favourite, however, is Reference Recordings' "Star of Wonder".
MFSL : A Very Special Christmas. Has quite a wide range of groups.
Though not a true "audiophile" recording, Vanessa Williams, "Star Bright" is a personal favorite, both content-wise and production-wise. If you like her at all, consider this CD an absolute must-have.