What are the must-read audiogon posts? I like "best female vocals"
I don't know about "must-read" but longest read has to be:

Building high-end 'tables cheap at Home Despot

It's over 2700 posts!
I learned more about this community and the people from the thread Patrick Malone-Lugnut Thread. I hesitated about posting this thread because it is still a little raw but it really shows that this is a group of people that enjoy audio but really care about people. It's not about audio per se but it is. I came to know quite a few people in the A'gon community alot better because of this thread and Pat and Barb and Kirsten especially. Who can forget this Thread to show what kind of guy Lugnut was. Thanks all for the memories. This has to be the most emotional post on A'gon and the most read!!!

The ones I like best have all been deleted by the powers that be.

Of the ones that are still up and long-lasting, I like the one that's titled something like "Who are You?" as it is a nice personal introduction to some of the good folks posting here. A way to give some semblence of a personality to the user ID and the posts.

The one I've actually grown to hate the most, even though mine is amoung it's numerous responses, is, "What kind of Car do you Drive". I'm so sick of seeing that one come up to the top of my list over and over (recent contributions rise to the top).

Interesting, I like the one I like because I care very much about the content, and I dislike the one I do (and long ago stopped reading it) because I SOOOOO much don't care about the topic. Neither one has anything to do with audio though. Go figure.

Yeagh you're right Jax2, best beer, or plasma tv's are others
There are a LOT of really excellent posts in the Virtual Systems category. It's really nice that people are willing to share a glimpse of their hobby and their rigs. It's fascinating to see the thought that people have put into their systems, the great photos showing different designs, and the varying degrees of satisfaction that people have achieved. It's especially gratifying to see the people who've managed to be satisfied, at least for the time being, the ones who've shown that it CAN be done.
Those flaming DK design posts were my favorites. Although I never contributed, I did enjoy reading them and learned a lot about members. It was later that I realized by adding to the post it is easier to track.
Now I get the most enjoyment from posts concerning music. I've been turned on to some fine music here from various members.
Jax2...If you look at our audiophile hobby from a psychological point of view it very much resembles the car collector's interest. Both are irrational expensive (overpriced) quests for subjectively perceived quality. Many collector hobbies would qualify...planes, boats, stamps, bottle caps, women(?). Thank God I am sane.
My favorites have been those about time and phase coherent / 1st order speaker designs with input from Roy of Green Moutain. Right up there are most threads that contain input from Sean.
Nothing makes me happier than reading a post where old time Audiogoners speak the TRUTH, uncorrupted by commercial affiliations or agendas.

Both the old timers, and those threads, are sadly less prevalent.
I enjoy two types of discussions: those that are heated debates between folks who can effectively state their positions without rancor, and those that spin completely out of control and fall into nonsensical humor.

Oh yes, and I like music recommendation threads because they offer so many great suggestions for expanding one's collection.
The old days, when Kelly and Carl were always fighting. When Angela, RedKiwi, Brulee, Bob_Bundus to name a few were around, it felt more like home - or rather a cool place to hang out. These days its so uptight and univiting, my 2 cents.

But you're still here, so that has retained some of the atmosphere.

Thanks for all your contributions!
I have found the best posts are rarely IN ALL CAPS (wink!)

Eldartford makes a great connection/observation ....Audiophiles are passionate about something on the extreme fringe.....seeing what someone drives gives considerable insight and has changed my preconceptions about us audiophile
The big money no brian people are here in abundance. Those dummies that buy 1000+ dollar cables. *I miss Brulee and the sensibles. The fat wallet stupids on here now can go the Hell away
Mapleleafs3. wow! sick em.
My Favorite BEST QUOTE.
Eldartford - Craig McCaw "collects" cars....Jay Leno "collects" cars (and bikes), Ralph Lauren, Steve McQueen (RIP) bad; the thread I was talking about is titled "What kind of car does a typical Audiophile Drive?". It had some 'fantasy' component to the question as I recall. Not that it would interest me any more if there are serious car collectors posting to that thread...Cars just don't float my boat. I would be just as interested in learning what toilet paper the typical audiophile uses. But you are right about the obsessive/collector nature of the's probably more about that aspect of the Male libido-substitution (apologies to the six woman on this forum)...or maybe the more, more, more...what use is life if you haven't got the very best it has to offer, aspect of Western culture. God I wish I were sane!

The best post to me will forever be the guy who began a thread, in which he asked a question.

He later submitted a post, answering it, gave out an approximation of where he lived, said he lived in the same area (imagine that) in the same post, and asked himself out for a drink.


In my view, you are one of the best contributors to this forum, but please please please try not to never use Steve McQueen and Ralph Lipschitz in the same sentence.

There is a world of difference between people who buy cars and people who drive them.

Attempting to imagine Mr "Lauren" jumping a motorbike over a fence will further illustrate my point.
In my view, you are one of the best contributors to this forum, but please please please try not to never use Steve McQueen and Ralph Lipschitz in the same sentence.

OH MY GOD! What have I done?!?! Please accept my apologies, I must have been in a drunken, sleep-deprived stupor when I wrote that sentence. Wait, that's not a good excuse...I've got it: Seattle is in it's 28th consecutive day of rainfall. 7 more and it's an all-time record. You can see why a person from these parts might not be thinking straight right about now. Now it's gonna' take months to get the image of Ralph on a motorcycle trying to keep up with the cloud of dust on the horizon that is Steve McQueen and Malcolm Smith, out of my wee brain. I hope you're happy you've made your point! Oh the agony!


I have no problem with rich people collecting cars, provided their interest is sincere.

I have the sense that Jay Leno genuinely loves cars, drives his motorbikes and probably even works on them.

But its the type of person who asks if they can have an automatic transmission for exotic supercar, not because the F-1 technology has gotten any better, but because they only driving they plan to do is lugging it around town to show it off to their neighbors.

It would be as if collecting audio gear was a status symbol, and then someone filled a warehouse with perfect, like new examples of Goldmund reference turntables, giant tube monoblocks, Infinity IRS V, maybe the Wilson WAMMS, Krell class A monoblocks, the Jadis CD player etc etc, but then gave you a blank stare when you asked them what kind of music they liked.

Apology accepted and thanks. But really there is no need to apologize, because you will be haunted by the image of Mr Lauren which should be punishment enough.
Yeah jj, best beer thread is one to be 'concern' about it. Tell that 300+ members that contributed to it. Get a life!
The best and most meaningful post was the : "About Lugnut Patrick Malone post. If any of you haven't read it you should. It may change the way you see things. Lugnut R.I.P.
I liked it when Michael Fremer kicked into gear to attack Richard Hardesty. That was cool. I used to have great respect for Fremer, and I still read his Sphile column, but I no longer trust his ears.
How come they're reporting 35 days as the record for rain in Seattle? Remember November 1998 - March 1999? We had 93 straight days of rain. How could I forget? It was utterly miserable. I remember it broke for one day and then continued on some more. Yech!

I nominate the Lugnut thread, for I believe it brought more people together than Pat could have ever imagined.

See you this weekend in sunny Seattle, Marco.
Yes, unfortunately I do remember the winter of 98/99...that was GD miserable. It's those breaks of 24 hours with no water falling from the sky that make'em or break'em. It may count in the record books, but it sure don't make no difference to one's spirits. Hey, pack some of that CA sunshine in a few bags an tote'em up here with you this weekend Howard. You could probably finance your next audio purchase by selling them down in Pioneer Square.

Thought this might be a good way to revive this old thread:

****History teaches us its usually fairly easy to see what's coming but most of us lack the courage to look reality in the face, preferring to live in our own delusions.

The standard method is to make things more complicated than they really are so we can feel better about not wanting to endure how merely difficult they are.**** - Schubert
Any posts Almarg, Viridian or Wolf Garcia.
Still waiting.
04-28-14 Still waiting. Ebm

Obviously you've read all of your own.

get deleted
Any post by Cornfedboy. (Yes, I'm dating myself a little.)

Magico posts are very good.
Judy......+1 for Bill.