Best Audio Writing of 2017?

Hi Everyone,

I've been completely away from the usual list of magazines last year, and barely glanced at the publisher's websites. I thought I would come here and start a thread on the best articles you read last year. Not best products, just best most informative or useful or well written articles.

Please post links with your praises. Please leave the "worst" articles for another thread, or this will devolve into troll fights.


Of the major newsstand publications, I always enjoy Herb Reichert, Art Dudely and Michael Fremer. I'm more in Fremer's camp when it comes to the type of equipment he prefers.
I also enjoy Jonathan Valin. I find his description of the sound he hears from a component to be quite literate and expressive.
Others online are also excellent. See Tim Aucremann.
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Im reading everything ill get back to you soon with my findings.
I really enjoy Herb Reichert's stuff.  And this sounds totally nerdy, but I just love how Atkinson writes up measurements.  :)
Always liked AD, HR, and MF, but favorite writer has always been Sam Tellig. Miss his writing. Read he had to stop due to medical reasons.
I don't always read stereo magazines, but  when I do I prefer Stereophile. 
Stay inquisitive, my friends...
Only one I pay much heed to is Art Dudley .
There aren't any that I dislike. Herb is a great writer but I don't necessarily trust his opinion as he never has a bad thing to say about anything. In writing and also gear I identify most with Art Dudley. He played a small part in making me the Shindo-whore I am today.
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Well done is much better than well said or written.
 -- Benjamin Franklin

Everything else does not really matter.
I don't know where to put this, but on checking the Ayre website yesterday, I found the notice that Charles Hansen has passed on Dec 28.
After many years, I have ended up with several Ayre components, and admire the consistent engineering ideas that were expoused by his company. Regrets on his passing to his company and family.

Anything by Art Dudley.  I find many of his views have become mine after so many years of listening.  And he is a very fine writer, the main reason (along with Mr. Fremer) that I continue to subscribe to Stereophile.
If this guy isn't a pro audio reviewer, he could be one if he wanted.
I have the Pass XA25 and he has nailed the sound and what a read!

We all have biases and preferences. I try to work out over time how a reviewers preferences and opinions sit with mine, and then I make allowances for those differences. The reveiwers I watch most closely are Michael Fremer (Stereophile), Alan Sircom (HiFi Plus in the UK) and Kevin Fiske (HiFi Critic in the UK). I hugely enjoy the entertainment factor of Art Dudley's writing.
If you haven't seen the Stereophile reviewers' video series, it is worth checking out. I have to say I enjoy Fremer but wish he'd stop saying everything over $20k is good value.
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