Best audio tweak ever, especially for the over 60s

Get your ears dewaxed at least once a year. After I had the procedure I had to wind back the volume on my amp and iPhone by about 30%. Detail improvement was also incredible. Much cheaper than a $5000 DAC.
It’s interesting that we obsess over equipment and room treatment but rarely talk about the transducer that makes it all possible.

I’m getting some q-tips out of the medicine cabinet right now.
This tip comes out regularly here, and it’s a good one.

Q-tips don’t work except to get wax that's already out of the way out of the ear. I suggest body wash, and using the shower head or a syringe to use gentle, constant water pressure against the ear canal. Here the Q tip will only make things worse.

I literally have to do this several times a week or I notice degraded hearing ability in one or the other ear.
What did he say? Could you repeat that.
You can’t hold a candle 🕯 to that! 🙄
There are over-the-counter products that use a gentle glycerin solution to thin earwax and let it run out.  Mostly sold for swimmer's ear, but can be repurposed here so you don't have to use Q-tips and risk eardrum damage.

There are also simple lavage pumps/syringes to facilitate the process.  Haven't tried one of those.
My best related tweak is wearing Eargasm attenuators during my subway commute in NYC. They even come in audiophile packaging for extra slam.
Get rid of all old newspapers, magazines, books. Even better hire a Feng Shui consultant to straighten out your living space. Feel better. Hear better.
Get rid of all old newspapers, magazines, books. Even better hire a Feng Shui consultant to straighten out your living space. Feel better. Hear better.

Have you seen that video of Michael Fremer's listening space?  He's doomed by this standard.

Forget Q tips and other DIY methods get it sucked out by a doctor. I know the cost sucks (attempt at humour) but well worth it.

Afrin at times.
Not good to get rid of ear wax. It’s natural protection against angry audiophiles and know it all teenagers. 
I’ve often wondered about how amazing everyones hearing is and their ability to cut down any piece of equipment , as though they have reference ears or something. Should have reviewer battles where they critique each others systems . 
I wonder why there isnt more talk about ear hair , side burns , hairstyles (lack there of) , or reading glasses... fancy wires pfft . 
I know this will sound strange. Sometimes my ear(s) get plugged up. A good nose-blow will sometimes "clear the air."
The only thing that should go in your ear is your elbow!

Recommended by my internist when he couldn't see thru all the wax in my ear.

I clean my ears first thing in the morning. Ear wax is still soft when you've been lying down all night. Go gently though. Keep Qtips on your nightstand.
just had my doctor do mine, great result, use the drops too, be careful with q tips not to push wax in deeper
and older folks need to watch that ear hair !!!!!
Does ear hair act as comb filter? Can you just have a comb over? Can you tie it in a knot, can you tie it in a bow, does your hair hand low? 
Depends on your room treatment 

I read this, it sounds so logical that I bought an ear cleaning kit and then read up on it. Probably not a great idea:

"According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology ears ideally never need to be cleaned “for 99 percent of people." There is a natural mechanism that sweeps earwax out like a conveyor belt every time you chat or chew. For the remaining 1%, cotton swabs are not the answer. Instead, those people that tend to create excessive, stubborn ear wax should turn to occasional extraction by a medical provider.

"Home-care earwax systems use a gentle liquid in a syringe to flush out the ear canal. While generally safe to use, these home-care systems sometimes cause earwax to melt, and then residual earwax can re-solidify inside the ear canal like cement against the ear drum."

Typical CYA: don't try this at home. Professional driver on a closed course. Yada yada yada. 

Because, spazos. Lots and lots of em. Only thing worse than spazos, lawyers. Hence the rampant CYA.

Not a spaz? Not a lawyer? Read on!

You know the tiny little straw comes with WD-40? Fits nice and snug into any ordinary eye dropper. Squirt water in ear, head sideways over sink.

Same exact thing we do here in the clinic all the time. Except we have a much bigger bottle, and trick little sink.
Isn't there a book for this, Audio Tweaks for Seniors?
The best times to listen generally speaking are very late at night and Sunday morning, when there is less noise on the grid. Also pick a day when there’s a high pressure system in town, not a rainy low pressure system.
... sit comfortably and close your eyes... if you re a dancer - please don't try this approach! 
I've used the warm water ear wax removal system for decades...thick peroxide drops in the ears, a rubber ball thing to squirt water in there and the wax just comes out. Easy and effective. I NEVER stick a q-tip in my ears...never ever. The warnings regarding ear wax remaining is for idiots who don't use the stuff properly, and to bring you and your money into the doctors office needlessly.
i know qtips are not the safest option for ear wax removal but Q grips Ear wax remover is definetly works and clears out the ear at home