Best audio time b4 even hearing of the sweet spot?

So many audio memories. Decades ago, before even learning of the so called 'sweet spot', we've all got a story to tell regarding experiences surrounding audio.

Mine would have to be the days of old pushin' some serious air through 4 Pioneer speakers via the latest Quadrophonic receiver Sansui had for sale. Yes juniors, before there was multichannel SACD, or even CD, we got down to the sound with the best of them.

Agana Guam, courtesy of the US of N we're pullin' 6 months barracks livin' while our ship undergoes dry dock restoration. 4 bunks to a cubicle and many times 2 sound systems per cubicle. You name it, Pioneer, Sansui, we had it...mated to the latest Panasonic auto changer. Kegs all around w/ 70's sound. Those were the days.
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Small dorm room, two pairs of Speakerlab sevens inverted, biggest Pioneer receiver available, ZZ Top on the Techniques, volume at two o'clock+. The sweet spot was clear across the boarder in Vancouver...
Dorm room circa 1977: Braun LV 1020 driven by a Yamaha CA-1000
integrated with a Fons CQ-30 turntable and Yamaha tuner.

To this day I have yet to hear a speaker that could pressurize a room the way the Brauns did!

Cheers all!
Double Advents driven by Sansui AU717 in front of an egg crate covered wall in an apartment. My roommate cringed during Sprinsteen, I cringed during smooth jazz-both played loud. It has been over 30 years, we're still friends and listen together (but don't share living quarters anymore), and we still cringe at each others' music. I think we invented line dancing in that apartment to Billie Jean up until the Sansui shut itself down 'cuz those Advents took a lot of current. The trusty Sansui always went back to work about 5 minutes later.

I almost lost another roommate after he returned home from work to find that I'd left his Fifth Dimension LP on the floor where the sun swept across it and warped it.
In college I had an Accuphase E-202 and a set of Frazier's (remember them?). They were similar to Klipsch LaScala's but with a piezo electric tweeter to fry your brain. We frequently played them outside the dorm and had people call in for specific rock music on our "live" rock station WBVD..."short"s music". We could be heard for a 2-3 block area. First sunny 70 degree day it was Beach Boys music all day!
One of my tours overseas. Germany 1970's. Every other soldier had a nice system. Mine way back then: Pioneer Spec 1 and Spec 4, JBL L65's, Dual CS721. Don't remember anyone worrying much about which cables they had. Maybe it was the joy of being young and less burdened with responsibilities and the effects of aging, but the HiFi hobby was way more exciting back in the 70's.
Apartment life 1976, no worries, no sexual diseases to speak of, party all the time.
2 pairs of Rectilinear 3's, one in the dining room, one in the living room. Actually it was one contiguous room. Hooked to a Marantz 2270 receiver, fed by a Technics turntable. Thin, probably 16 or 18 gauge speaker wire. It all sounded better than anything I can put together today.
Ahh...good times.
Airegin, we had similar tastes! In '75 shore based in Naples Italy, I had The Pioneer Spec 1 and Spec 2, the Dual CS721, a Teac A6300 reel to reel, and a pair of JBL L-166's. I looked at the L65's and the 300's, but thought they were too large.
What memeories! I'm going to have to dig out the military photos in the morning.
Was playing Stevie ray Vaughn couldn’t stand the weather lp in a rather small room, spare bedroom turned into a den. I was driving my old B&W 602 s3’s with my Rotel equipment, using a denon dp37f direct drive turntable. Man those speakers were definitely pressurized that room! It was unreal, as if you were right there with Stevie! Have never duplicated that sensation....