Best Audio store in Tokyo ?

Am visiting Tokyo this weekend. If I had time to go to only one audio store, which one would it be ?
Would love to check out Esoteric, Shindo, Accuphase etc. in japan.
In a store that also sells washers and dryers and probably porn. I was there before being into high end audio but I remember huge multilevel electronics buildings. You can buy anything from razors to cameras to stereo gear.

Someone please comment if they know of a high end audio location. If you find one, wear a Boston Redsox or NY Yankees uniform for the conversational value.

Or maybe factory tours? Call an importer for advise? Search the brands you mentioned and maybe they can set you up.

Have a fun trip and please report back.
Just go to the Akihabara area of Tokyo, you will be amazed at the range of high end HiFi and HT equipment on sale at many stores in this area. Go to this site for more information:
Akhibara's a waste of time today, almost all the high end and vintage dealers are gone, what remains are tourist traps catering to lower end regional travelers or anime themed stores selling colectable trash to adults. Your best bet is to buy a recent copy of Stereo Sound or some other audio rag and look through the store ads.