Best Audio Research Tube Amp for Proac 2.5's

Help/advise appreciated. My current system includes a Rogue 66 pre, the Proac 2.5's, and a new CD Player yet undetermined (Arcam? Cary? Jolida?). I've heard good things about the ARC/Proac synergy, but don't know which amp to get. Thanks very much.
Let me just say I love your speakers. I have always loved British box designs. I own a pair of Spendor SP1/2s.

I have heard the VT100MKII amps with the 3.8's. This setup was absolutely stunning. I have never heard the 2.5's with AR amps, but have with Manley's and Quicksilvers. Depending on your room size the ML mono 50's or the Quicksilver Silver Mono 60's would work nicely.
I too have Spendor 1/2's. I'm using a ARC LS15 picked up used for eleven hundred here on Audiogon. Most excellent. Read the reviews at
I figure if half of them are liars and the next half over embellished the LS15's performance that still left almost 20 positive reviews.

What amp(s) do you use in your system? Congratulations on your deal(or steal) with the LS15. I just purchased a Manley Shrimp preamp. Stupid name, not very pretty, no remote, but fast, accurate, and dynamic.
Threshold T-100
Audio Research VT-100 Mk II...or the VT-100 Mk III. I have only heard the VT-100 Mk II however w/ ProAc's....Awesome.
Has anyone heard the new VS-110 and VS-55? How do they compare?