Best Audio DVD Universal Player Arcam, Denon...?

I am in the midst of a search for the best "audio first" DVD player within my budget. I don't care about picture quality or features, I simply want the best sound possible (for the buck). Price range is $400 - $900 new or used.
I currently own an Arcam DV135 for my primary system, great sound, warm, could use a bit more detail / upper range.

I am finalizing my second system (basement), currently use a Pioneer Elite DV46, good detail, a little bright, lacking depth / mid bass. I picked-up a second hand Denon DVD-2900 (because of the price) to see if it would magically solve my dilemma. While the mid bass improved the detail and upper range worsened.

My current contenders are:
1) A second hand Cary DVD-6 - built like a tank, supposed to have excellent sound... ?

2) New Denon 2930, recommended by an audiophile buddy as a good budget "audio first" player, he did warm the limitation in high frequency... ?

3) Second hand Arcam DV78 / 88. As good as my DV135??

Can anyone chime in with their 2 cents?
Oppo DV-983H - $420 brand new. I'm selling one for $375 shipped (contact offlist if interested). Or wait for Oppo's new BluRay Universal for $499 - $599.

I just got an Oppo 980H because my Denon 2900 with mods needs repair. $169.00 plus shipping. It is frighteningly good! If your need is audio, and video is of less importance, the 980H is actually preferable to the 983H, at least that's what Oppo tells us.
If you really don't care about picture quality or video features, then buy a $50 cheapo DVD player from some budget store and put the bulk of your money into a CD player. You'll get better quality audio than with a universal player at your price point. If you have to have one box, something like OPPO or Denon, as the other posters suggested, would be a good place to look.
I used to have the Pioneer Elite DV-46 then I upgraded to Elite DV-79. The DV-79 is much better build and less engine noise. Picture and sound were very slightly some what better in both DVD and 2-ch mode. For $200 at Tweeter, the DV-46 is a best bang for buck for entry level.
Anyways, I once auditioned two Arcam DVD models so I know what you are talking about its "warm" sound. The Arcam produce a very full, thick, and warm dialog that Denon and alike can not match. The one brand that has very close character and much more details; more movie like is the Burmester DVD.
I'm against Nordost and Krell but in your case, if you're looking for a bit more details and broader upper end, I highly recoomend the Nordost Blue Heaven interconnect cable and its speaker cable. There are about $150-$200-ish, USED.