Best audio companies and dealers

I've thought about doing this over the years, but never seemed to get around to it. But I'd like to list the audio dealers and companies I've dealt with over the years that have offered consistently good products and customer service way beyond the average. 

Two companies come immediately to mind: Cary Audio in NC and Reference 3A in Canada. Cary offers superb equipment, like the SLP05 pre-amp. And they have delivered excellent customer service throughout the years, and it's always been a pleasure to deal with them. The same goes for Reference 3A speakers. I owned the MM Decappos- great speakers, esp. for midrange, and you cant find a more attentive, professional person than Tash to deal with. 
Companies who make great gear and stand behind it!

SMc Audio - What Steve, Patrick and company can do for your vintage McCormack amplifier is breathtaking.  The original DNA concept was a winner and remains one as they continue to offer fantastic circuit upgrades, wiring and jack improvements.

Modwright - Dan and Kristen are responsive to any need you may have and clearly spell out what they can do for your equipment.  Not inexpensive, but well worth it.  They can transform a good basic piece of gear into a near masterpiece.

RHB Dezigns - The Backerts are salt of the Earth individuals who took my stock cj PV-12L and over a few mods. and a considerable re-imagining of the circuit, made it a reference performer.  All of their experience led them to start making their own Backert's Labs gear.

PS Audio - I've owned four of their power regenerators over the years.  The P500 was an early effort which I traded up to a Premier Power Plant.  When the regenerator blew as it was inadequate to handle my amplifier, they cheerfully sent me a new one immediately and then not long ago, offered a generous trade-up to a P5 which is where I am now.  Every iteration of their regenerators is better than the previous ones.  Go to their site and sign up for the daily Paul's Posts.  Mr. McGowan is one from whom you can learn much.

Vandersteen Audio - Last but certainly not least, for four decades Richard Vandersteen has worked to successfully refine his basic speaker design concepts.  I worked through his line from the 2C in the 1980's to the Model 3 then 3A then 3A Signature and now to the Treo CT accompanied by two 2wq subwoofers.  Fantastic Value Products!
For best dealers:

Audio Classics, Vestal NY
Audio Connections, Verona NJ

Please add to this list.
Zu Audio. My experience over the last decade has been flawless. 
I can't believe I left out Modwright- yes, they have great products and customer service that is second to none. They answer emails right away and no question is too small. I bought their modded Oppo a couple of years ago and was very happy with it. 
+100 for Modwright. Tyler Acoustics is also a top notch outfit.
I can't believe I left out...

Clear Day Audio - Paul Laudati, the sole proprietor and cable maker for Clear Day, is as nice a guy as I have ever talked with in this hobby.  The quality that he is offering for the asking price is practically absurd.  Upon burning them into my system, the sound quality was and still is superb.  One of the few purchases I've made in my decades in audio that I felt a bit guilty that I didn't pay more!
Thank you to all of our customers that have supported us over the years and continue to do so! I appreciate your feedback and business!


Dan Wright
ModWright Instruments Inc.
Conrad Johnson, Magnepan, Cardas
Daedalus, Herron, Atma-Sphere, DEQX, Bryston, and VAC certainly belong on this list.

-- Al
In my experience, Herron Audio, Immedia and Disc Doctor have been very good to outstanding.  I found ARC (1980's and 90's) and (early) Mark Levinson to be less than acceptable, far below basic expectations.  Musical Concepts / Musial Design also deserves a thumbs up.  But in my opinion, none are in the same league as Herron Audio.

Not meaning to hijack this thread, but are there any reputable   dealers in the Kansas City, Missouri area?

Please message me so as not to hijack this thread.

Thanks in advance.

Audio Advisor for on-line purchases.
Behrens AV in Jacksonville FL was more than courteous, professional, fair. and timely. Bill was a pleasure to work with even though I never met him face to face. Highly recommended for those of us living in southeast Georgia.
Another vote for Audio Connection in Verona NJ 
A vote as well for Audio Research which has resolved the only issue I've ever had (with 1 out of the 6 items I've purchased over the years) quickly and professionally.
C-J , Quicksilver,  Grado ,  Magnum Dynalab ... all great companies to deal with in my experience.   For dealers, the guys at Audio Visual Therapy are awesome to deal with. 
Kimber Kable those guys are awsome
+1 for Ray Kimber

Odyssey and Klaus Bunge define personalized service with great products that WAY outperform their prices
Source Loudspeaker Technologies South Windsor, CT. John builds great speakers at affordable prices. Customer service is second to none. You call them up John answers and is happy to talk to you about your needs. 
Herron Audio, Keith Herron always there to provide excellent advice.
Also ModWright, first rate advice and service. Finally Mark Sammut at Reno High Fi for Pass Labs equipment. Great advice and service, absolute dedication to customer satisfaction. 

Nice list guys- here are a few more for your consideration;

Galen Carol - San Antonio TX

Audio Concepts - Dallas TX

John Fort Audio - Dallas TX

Soundscape - Baltimore MD

The Listening Room - Baltimore MD

HiFi Buys Atlanta - Atlanta GA

HiFi Buys Nashville - Nashville TN

Wilson Audio - New Orleans LA

All retail and manufacturer (and other...) attitudes come from the TOP.  If the TOP person/people are wise about their business, they will display a customer-focused philosophy even if the customer is less than polite or reasonable (up to a point, of course--there are 3 sides to every story as we all know).  As a former dealer, I can name two major companies that were less than professional when I dealt with them, but I won't as that was in the 1970's-'80's.  Today, MOST companies are customer-friendly.  If they are not, I would contact the top person.  If there is still no resolution, the buck stopped there and you will know all you need to about that company.
Sota is a great company:  Excellent products and superior service.  

+1 for Audio Classics, too.
Audio Connections, Verona NJ
Soundscape , Baltimore , MD
Deja Vu Audio,  Vienna. VA
Fedelis Audio , Nashua NH

Ayre Acoustics
Audio Connection, NJ
Aerial Acoustics
Audio Video Therapy Nashua NH
In 50 years in Audio ZU  has given me the best builder service .
Deja Vu Audio Vienna VA
Audio Note UK
Agree with Audio Concepts Dallas Tx. Very professional. 
I will give onkyo as a top company
Klipsch and McIntosh are also commendable for customer service. Let's not forget Pass Labs and Jeff Rowland. 

Yet another + for Audio Connection in Verona, NJ.  And another one as well for Audio Classics in Vestal, NY.

As for manufacturers that go above and beyond when it comes to help and service:

Ohm Acoustics - Easy access to owner/designer John Strohbeen

Oppo Digital (I know they recently exited the business, but promised to continue to service their discontinued models, and based on my experience with their service department, I take them at their word).

McIntosh Labs - amazing support for legacy products.

Sweetvinyl (makers of the Sugarcube SC-1 and SC-2) - a newcomer, but my beta experience with them has been outstanding.


Vandersteen Audio - Easy to access owner/designer Richard V.

Morrow Audio

I've used and been impressed with support from:

PS Audio
My favorite dealers are:
  • Paragon Sight and Sound (Michigan)
  • Audio Salon (Florida)
  • Audio Advisor (Michigan)
  • The Music Room (Colorado)
  • David Dean Smith (New Haven, CT - no longer around, I grew up with them)
For dealers, Rich Brkich of Signature Sound, Liverpool, NY.

For audio manufacturers, Keith Herron of Herron Audio.
DeVore Fidelity

Dealer:. Stereo Haven, charlie Schnyder
+1 vote for Audio Connections, Verona NJ
Upscale Audio in La Vern CA is a great dealer. I have bought several components from them and was pleased with the service. 
Madisound for prompt help /advice and product supply if/when

you have a Speaker part /etc problem 


McIntosh - top notch for customer support.  Superb build and quality control, research

Magnum-Dynalab - fantastic for upgrades and purchasing new equipment.  They bend over backwards for the customer.  Terrific products with exceptional build quality.  

Krell - Very customer friendly and helpful.  Great build quality and research.  
Another vote for Audio Concepts in Dallas. And while I don’t own their equipment, thumbs up to Paul McGowan’s blog and videos at PS Audio for a great attitude toward education.
  • Bryston
  • Rogue Audio
  • Magnepan
  • ModWright
  • Vandersteen Audio
  • The crew at "The Thirsty Ear" audio - some 35 years back in beautiful, Bozeman, MT
And what about FM Acoustics _ Switzerland ?
PS AudioDaedalus AudioDan ModwrightQuickSilver Audio and
Amazon Services for Audio Equipment !
Audio video therapy in Nashua Nh Top for me, I usually go very often en they always treat me like first day first customer 👍
I have quite a bit of concern with Cary Audio, I had own SA200.2. Upon audio conditioning my room I had noticed strange midrange buzzing sound that had been traced to power amp. When I had contacted Cary Audio they confirmed that first batch of this model had been doing this and it is design feature and not a subject to the warranty service, though they have a fix for it. Now this power amp had right channel blown away and I had to trade it in for whatever I can get for it. I had and opportunity to test CD303T - this supper audio cd player was vibrating badly on some cd's and was warming CD's to high temperature. I was really concern about destroying my collection. So I was glad when dealer took it back.
I must put in a good word for Quintessence Audio.  Mick and company have been the premier retailer for 2 channel, High End Audio in Chicago and for the Midwest for well over 30 years.  I have found them to be honest, reliable and exceptionally professional and am proud to have been there customer my entire adult life (I'm now in my 50s.  Some retailers you recommend because of a particular line, or item.  I recommend Quintessence, independent of the lines they carry, for this reason, some of the very best companies are on board with them:  Audio Research, Pass, Wilson, Simaudio, Sonus Faber and others.  I wish that I could afford to buy more equipment from them and I never hesitate in giving them an unqualified recommendation.

As far as companies, you must include Rogue Audio in Brodheadsville, PA. There is always a human available to answer a call and your question. Bill is upfront, honest and reliable. Always happy to support a US company as well.

And for dealers, happy to include Goldprint Audio in Lexington, NC. Taylor is knowledgeable about his products, always returns calls, and provides honest, reputable transactions.

Plus 1 for Clear day

In Canada
Executive Stereo - Toronto

On the top of my list of manufacturers is PSAudio. I personally dont think anyone else compares.
As a dealership, although I have not purchased from them in the near past, Sound Components, in Coral Gables, FL.