Best audio cabinet for people with pets

I recently acquired a cat (wasn't really planning on this but this cat was a stray and is very friendly) and have decided to just keep her claws trimmed rather then have her declawed. I'm looking for recommendations for a cabinet to put my equipment in so the cat won't bother them. As for my speakers I've been putting a big piece of cardboard in front of the grill cloth at night and am looking for ways to protect them also. Would appreciate any thoughts. Thanks, Bob
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There are cat repellent strips for use indoors to keep them off furniture and out of potted plants. Check PetSmart.
Every time the cat goes near your equipment, smack it (gently). It will learn.

Also, make sure you have a scratching post so it has somewhere to do that. Otherwise, it will use your furniture.
All cats are different. Watch it first to see if it bothers any gear. I have one that doesn't scratch anything, stays away from all my equipment, and just sleeps all day, and all I night, I think..
Thank you all for your suggestions; I will definately check out the Salamander cabinets, cat repellent strips and gentle ways to disipline the animal. I just purchased two Evenflo "Position & Lock Plus Gate" at Walmart and will put them in front of the entrance to the listening room; they are only 49" high but I'm hoping the cat can't jump over them.
Any aftermarket tube cages for the Cary 300SEI to protect from 100lb. dogs with tails like baseball bats???

Please don't ask ;^(
Don't declaw whatever you do...cats can get killed by dogs if they are declawed.

Simply keep the pet out of this room when it is unsupervised.
I don't let our dogs in the room with my equipment, It would be a hazard for the dogs and risk damaging the expensive equipment.
LOL you guys. My cat doesn't bother the equipment, but he IS on my lap trying to impregnate my arm while I am trying to listen to music.
Salamander has extruded metal corners that cats can't scratch like wood furniture legs. You can customize the racks too. Perf sides are great for hiding cables and still provide ventilation.

Another way to train your cat is to strategically place mouse traps upside down in the protected area. After a few triggers they don't explore that area anymore. The learning process can be quite entertaining as well ;)
Well I think I might have a solution; I will install folding doors at the 61" wide by 80" high opening to the listening room and keep them closed when I'm not around to watch the cat; will check Lowes and some of the other stores tomorrow. I had an appointment last week to have the cat's front claws removed but after reading about the procedure on the internet decided not to go through with it. Thanks everyone for your thoughts.

Are you for real?? Removable doors 5' wide??

First, don't hit the cat, it won't bring about the change you want, if you want to deter them, get a good water pistol, few squirts, they learn quick, if you find it doesn't work, tape (scotch, packing etc) over clothe removal all the fun for cats scratching fabric. This has saved me many a cuch from the cats, and of note, they usually only like the angled parts, corners and such, so the tape lkely will not in any way affect the sound of your speakers, as for the components, anything with doors will be nearly 100%, for me my two cats don't go near the gear, so it's not an issues....

Now if I could assure the Great Dane wouldn't knock over speakers....

As an audiophile of 25 years and a "cat slave" now with 9 cats, I don't find cats to be a threat to equipment on open stands. Just protect the gear on the top shelf from cat hair and vomit, which may short out the piece.

Alan Hsu
Kennyt - I wasn't planning to hit the cat; haven't done it yet anyhow. My son had a cat a few years ago when he lived in Phoenix and mentioned using a squirt gun. I'll give this a try and if that doesn't work I'll try the packing tape you mentioned. Thanks for your suggestions.
Take care when aiming the squirt gun. Wouldn't want to damage any electronics.
I installed French style louvered doors at the entrance to our living room a few years back -- more for privacy than pet deterrent. My wife liked the look and they provided some soundproofing when others were watching tv in the family room.
We also put aluminum foil around items such as plants the cat was fond of. He didn't like the feel or sound of it.
Thank goodness the cat only stuck around for a few months.
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I sure enjoyed all of your comments about dealing with cats. She seems to be less interested in the stereo these days which is exactly what I want. Today I purchased two sets of folding louvered doors ($30 a set at Menards) to install at the entrance of the listening room, but then this is something I had wanted to do even before I aquired the cat. Thanks again everyone for all of your advice.
One of the critical things is to be careful what you do after you discourage the cat. If the cat is rewarded afterward, the cat may see this as part of a ritual that it has to go through - e.g. If I scratch the equipment, then I get sprayed, then the food comes!
Thanks for your advice Riffer - just finished installing the folding louvered doors to the listening room; the cat has noticed that the room has been closed off but doesn't seem too concerned. Still may pursue getting a more pet-proof equipment cabinet; Walmart has a nice looking one made by "Home Trends" that looks very nice for around $150.
If you have house cats and no dogs, trim the nails on the cats front feet. If you don't know how ask your vet. Its quick and easy. Done every couple of weeks will minimize not only the scratching activity but the damage sharp nails can inflict.

Don't overlook the value of scratching posts with rope. My cats seem to use scratching as a means of getting my attention. I keep a scratching post in each room near where i sit and they get a lot of punishment.

As Tvad said nothing is a perfect solution but this has helped me. My biggest problem has been what these big creatures do when they are racing about roughhousing. I've learned to apply foresight as in 'childproofing' works some.

They should be more thankful - that we love them!
Newbee - Thanks for your suggestions; actually I am becoming very fond of the cat and I can see why people like you and Grant go to such trouble to have them around.
I purchased a scratching post at Big Lots for $5 a few days ago and as you suggest will get a couple more for other rooms (by the way would you recommend the scratching posts with rope over the carpet version or visa versa?). I took the cat to the vet a week ago and had all the claws trimmed for $5. I will have that done about once a month or so. It's interesting I've been telling people that I now have a cat and to my surprise many of them tell me they have had cats for years; I would have never known; the investing person at the bank I deal with told me he has two cats that are strictly indoor cats and have been declawed front and back. I won't have my cat declawed though since she enjoys going out a few times every day.
Bob, If you're going to buy scratching posts get the ones that have siesel(Sp?)rope wrapped around the post. 2 1/2 to 3 ft tall. If you have one that is just carpet covered pick up some rope at Home Depot and wrap it.

If you haven't already done so, cats love toys. One of my cats particularily loves the small grey leather mice and she treats them like real mice. She hunts them (in the toy box) and hides them, etc. Funny part is that she loves to play retrieve just like a dog. What is unique for her is that she will start the game (regularily) and will keep it up for 10 to 15 minutes. What a gas! Small 'hairy' balls are also a great item. The hair is a fine tinsel like fuzz. The cats love to bat them around.

Have fun!
Newbee - thanks very much for your recommendation on the scratching post wrapped with rope. The assistant manager at the Big Lots store here in town has 10 cats and recommended the rope-wrapped scratching post also. By the way I just took a look at your system; wow, very nice! Mine system is so cheap and simple in comparison I'm almost embarrassed to talk about it. Thanks again for your comments.
Look on Amazon for a product called Ssscat. It's a motion sensor on top of a spray devise. Works like a charm.
Well after trying to make everything catproof I finally just made up my mind to have the cat declawed; had it done this past Thursday; she was sore through the weekend but as of Tuesday evening she seems to be back to normal. I decided to do this after talking with several cat owners who had their cats declawed and also the vet. Most everyone recommended to only have the front claws removed and this is what was done. My grill cloths and my wife's antique furniture are now safe and it looks like I'll have some scratching posts in my next garage sale.