Best Audio AND Video stores in Dallas/FW?

Hi All,
I'll be in Dallas and Ft.Worth and would like to check out the hi-end A/V there. Your comments on the best hi-end stores to visit would be appreciated. Location too if you know it.
Many thanks and Happy Listening!!!
Marvins Electronics used to be THE place in Ft. Worth. They've been there for years and were always very helpful and carried the top brands with top service. They moved to a new store on Hulen some years ago.
Stereo East, just North of LBJ (635 Freeway) on Preston Road.

Two salesman and the owner are friends of mine, and they have a very nice set up, especially for video.
Audio Concepts at Preston and Forest and They are relatively new to HT ( a couple years or so), so they still lean towards stereo.
I have found this store to be the best in Dallas.

If you go to Stereo East, you will see Hillcrest Hi-Fidelity. Besides a couple of brands they have nothing to offer in the way of audio. Mostly a custom mid-fi HT installer. I am pretty sure there is another one in the vacinity, but can't remember the name. Anyways, they're all right there, across from the mall, except Audio Concepts which is just a little further south. Have fun.
I highly recommend Hi-End Theatre & Audio. They carry some great lines and the service is unbelievable.

Here is their website:
Krystal Clear has the most high end stuff...been shopping there for years...the best audio and video set ups...
when looking for audio software, be sure not to miss bill's records. you name it, he's got it. the only bad thing is that he knows how badly you want it and he'll make you pay a pretty penny for it.