Best arm for Thorens td 125

What arm is best for an old Thorens td 125 turntable? At the moment it's equipped with a SME 3009 arm, but the bearings are rather loose. Since funds are tight, I rather fancy a Rega 300 or 250, but are they suitable? Any other suggestions? The vartidge at present is an Ortofon MC 15 Super II, pretty new, so I like to keep it...
About half the well-informed audio enthusiasts I know say it's hard to do better than an SME 3009 for under a grand; the other half say a Rega RB300 is far superior to the SME. So I'd say you'd do fine with either a new-old 3009 or a RB 250 or 300. Another option is a Rega modified by the U.K. company Origin Live, which product has received high praise in the audio press. A brand new RB 250 with the Origin Live structural mods costs about 160 Sterling, roughly, I think US$250 plus shipping, etc. I use a TD-125 mk II with a Grace 707, but it's a low mass arm which is not ideal for higher-compliance, MC cartridges. Finally, you might call Flat Earth Audio about repairing your 3009; it may or may not be cost effective. Hope this helps. Regards, Joel.
Buy the RB300 and be done with it. You will never look back!