Best arm for quick swapping cartidges? Mid price?

Aked the other day about SME 309 as primary arm.Have been using VPI with it's swappable arm tubes and thinking are they best at 9" quickest way to swap carts?Just not sure of sonics of unipivot amrs and want anti skate?Have thought about getting a Teres to replace Aries/12.5 and mounting SME 309 but thinkign of an arm I can get for $750 new (or a $1500 or less list used) to put on second arm board and be able to use a dcent Mono,another cheap carts for scratched LP.Might get second deck for bedroom or office so other than my top of line xart on SME I could stick with VPI brand and use 9" for second arm and then have a second 9" arm giving me two tubes and maybe get a extra if I want more than mono and trash cart.Any idea's other than VPI 9" which would have quick swap heads?Soeone mentioned Morch but they might be too expensive new and hard to find one used but it had quick chnage head?
Thanks for any suggestions.
A Graham 1.5 might be a bit too expensive for you, used, but it would certainly do what you want.
After the VPI want to try something other than Unipivot.Plus sems a litle bit too much.Like the list under $1K.
If you get a Teres, why not just get a second armboard? That way you could mount a second tonearm (like an RB300) and wouldn't have to swap anything?