Best arm for Dr. Feickert Analogue Firebird Table

guys just picked up this table and looking for a good arm to put on it- Someone mentioned the Kumza 4 point but wanted various opinions- thanks
Kuzma 4 point--no contest

We ran that turntable at the Munich show using the Triplanar with excellent results!

Lyn Stanley was singing in our room and we did lots of comparisons to her singing live as opposed to on the LP. A real testament to the amazing abilities of the LP media!
Atmosphere.... I agree that LP's do a great job, but there probably (wasn't there) was a world of difference between the record and her actual voice. I'm a pro violinist, and can tell you that my violin sounds different in every room I play it in ..either in my house, or in a concert arena.
While the 4Point is a great arm and one that I've heard on the Firebird several times, the Acoustical Systems - The Axiom is what I personally run and have never heard better until a few minutes ago and at half the price I just mounted the new Aquilar on the smaller Woodpecker and find it pretty close. Of course these are $20k and $10.5k respectively so a bit more money.
I too own a Firebird which I think is a spectacular table. That said, I went with the Kuzma 14 inch 4 point. It's a match made in heaven, at least for my taste.
Stringreen, not so much! Keep in mind in her recordings she was singing into a microphone, while with recording a violin the mics would likely be placed to create a stereo image.

We had a setup in our room that allowed her to sing into a microphone along with her music, which was the same mix but without the vocals.

She could also sing along with her LPs (with or without the microphone). So we could hear the results either way.
I agree with the Kuzma 4 point. I prefer the Kuzma, but the Ikeda is also great.