Best Arm for a VdH Frog

I am in love with my new cartridge and it sounds very nice on a pimped Jelco 750D.
But maybe the arm is not the best for this Frog. What do you think are the options in a length about max. 9,6inch?
A.J. said, up to 14gramm effective mass it works.
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Fully adjustable and uniquely built Dynavector DV505 arm is world champion
Sorry, but i like it simple :-) This arm is too much hightech for me.
Than I'll choose Grace G707 which is approximately 9.4" length.
Way cheaper, but still kinda high-tech. Definite step up.
... my word Czarivey....the Grace 707 and the Dynavector are worlds apart from each other. 
99 -  I would call VDH and ask them what they recommend.  There are lots of great arms - I'm not convinced your arm is not one that would play well with your cartridge.  In MY world, yours may very well not be the "perfect" arm, but if the results bring smiles to you...that's what's important.  You might spend a lot of money and may just have a "different" presentation, but not one that brings any additional smiles.
Different persons said, the Grace is built fragile.

I am your opinion, but i am also shure that the Jelco is not the best arm for the frog.

The SME309 is sure better suitable, but not the prettiest one.
Grace tonearm?, not sure of the original poster's budget but why not recommend the Mayware Formula IV and Magnepan arm as well?- If the Dynavector is too fiddly then a 30 year old arm would be worse.. sheesh.

Ninetynine find yourself a respectable dealer to give you advice or correspond with van den hul directly. Good luck!
A.J. will recommend an SME, i am sure.
But some people talk about the 309 slow and muffled.

The Frog plays very nice on the 750D, only a little bit raw dynamic in low frequencies i miss.

On the long armbase i have an OL Conqueror with EMT JSD6. One the shorter one for the Frog i have only 240mm mounting distance.

The fastest arm i had was a TW 10.5