Best arm for a mono cartridge

Given that a mono cart has to move in one dimension and not two, is there an arm that you would recommend for this? I have a Phantom II with ZYX Airy 3 for my stereo but my Transrotor Fat Bob could take a second arm.
That’s the stylus. The arm still has to move in x and y axis. Depends on the cartridge. A Jelco SA750 is an excellent inexpensive arm suited to lower compliance cartridges.
The proper matching of phono cartridge to pickup arm is really a matter of mass and compliance, not whether the cartridge is mono or stereo.
@jyprez - it depends on how $erious you want to get?

Contact Jeff at Audiomods for his opinion on his arms.

He builds them almost from scratch and probably has a lot of knowledge in this area.

He is very responsive