Best AQ speaker cables for Unico and Opera?

I just purchased a Unico P and a pair of Opera Seconda speakers. Any suggestions on the best AudioQuest speaker cables to use with these? Yes, they have to be AudioQuest. I plan on financing them through Best(Worst)Buy and that's the only decent brand they carry.
Get a used pair of cables either here, ebay or one of the other sites. I use Audioquest Crystal+ speaker cables with my Unico. I purchased them for 20% of their retail price on ebay. The only way to go IMO.
Since your looking to buy them from nice try why not just listen to them in the store and make your decision? Used is the way to go but be careful about counterfeits.
I sold AQ in the past and again since 2 years. I would only recommand the latest cables from AQ. The difference is in my opinion big. Foccus is a lot better and the stage is deeper. Overwhole there is a lot more autorithy. Older AQ are oke, but not that special.
For interconnects, you can't go wrong with Columbia. I have some of these myself and feel its the best value in the AQ line. Its easily as good as other cables I have that cost a lot more. Another important issue is that they sound good with anything. Generally speaking, AQ copper cables are known for their high compatibility with most gear. The King Cobra is another IC you may want to look at. Its basically the same cable as the Columbia without the DBS. I think the DBS sounds better but I have never done a side by side comparison to tell exactly how much better it is.

For speaker cables, if they still have some CV-8's left in stock, I would buy them. If not Rocket 44 or 88 should be more than enough for your system.

I'm not a big fan of Best Buy but they do have a decent return policy. I doubt you'll use it, but its good to know that you wont be stuck with them if you are not happy. I's recommend AQ even if you could choose other brands.

Which AQ speaker cables do you recommend? Do you know anything about the current Rocket 33 from BB??
For the moeney it's a good cable. Look for a cable what is on the AQ list now. Buy it used and you can't go wrong.