Best approach to hook up Xbox One And A 4k TV To An Audio System


I am looking for some advice.  Likely getting some Ohm Accoustics F-5015 speakers with subwoofers powered by a separate Ohm provided amp.  Looking at a 2 channel audio system that can also handle the separately powered subwoofers.  Want to run an Xbox One and my LG OLED TV to the audio system.

The NAD equipment that I am considering (M32 or C388) offers an optical input and they also have an optional HDMI connector module.  Which connection approach (HDMI or optical) is my best choice for audio quality (understanding that I need to buy the separate module for the HDMI approach)?  I was also considering a PS Audio system, but my only choice there is the optical input.

As another factor, my wife likes to stream music so NAD's BluOS module or equivalent (Bluesound Node 2i) and possibly later some form of DAC or Transport is being considered.

I am new to this and would like the advice of those on this forum as to the best way to hook up the audio for the Xbox and TV.

Thanks in advance for your wisdom.