Best Answer Ever: Steve McCormack

This might be a little unusual, or maybe not. Please see the recent Amp/Pre thread "McCormack ALD-1 question" by Ericthered. Then come back here and read the rest.

How good is that? Ericthered is a friend of mine, and emailed me to see if I knew the answer to his question. I told him I would do my best, but better to answer in the thread as bait (all explained). What about that catch!

I know Steve McCormack is a great guy, and also perfectly accessible. He's even answered my questions before. But not too many would take the time to come into this joint and mix with commoners. It's easy to appreciate. Like I said, one more reason.

I think that you'll find that more than a few designers / engineers / company figureheads frequent the Asylum on a daily basis. While this is nothing new, it IS good to see those involved in making the products keeping their ear to the ground. Sean
I was aware of several doing it, like Ray Kimber. Just thought it was cool.
I just had the pleasure of dealing with Steve. I have owned a McCormack Prism II cd player for about 8 years now. Lately it has been starting to skip more frequently. I e-mailed McCormack Audio, and to my surprise they told me they wouldn't repair this unit. They told me the company does not repair McCormack cd players. They suggested I try to contact Steve himself. So I did, and much to my surprise he said he would fix it. He even called me personally to let me know it was ready. What a nice guy. The audio world could use a few more guys like Steve McCormack.
Can't agree more with the postitive sentiments about Steve Mc expressed above. When considering the purchase of a used McCormack amp I called to pick his brain. Even though the deal was doing nothing positive to his bottom line he spent the better part of 45 minutes answering questions. Needless to say I bought the amp. My plan now, as then, is to further upgrade it and there will be no question that SMc will provide a high level of service and a quality product. Class act the whole way and a great example for the rest of the industry.