Best and Worst Product Names

I was reading a current post regarding power cords and it struck me that some of the product names were rather silly sounding. Am I really supposed to take seriously a product named "Voodoo Mana"? Granted, there is a certain cleverness to naming a cable, the EEL, but what's up with the BIRTH? Maybe manufacturers, like rock groups, are running out of good names? What are the best, or worst product names you've come across?

My vote for best name goes to Martin-Logan for calling the replacement to the Quest the Request. Also kudos to AHT for their Non-Signature Phono Stage. Thumbs down the Jeff Rowland for using the same name (Coherence) for two different products. Very confusing.
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Camelot is my favorite brand name, lots of cool model names (especially the roundtable).

Worst names definitely goes to MIT. It is nearly impossible to tell what is what for used MIT's.
Onhwy 61, I've suggested to Martin Logan they make a smaller version of their Statement speaker system and call it the Understatement. Back on thread, I agree with you on Rowland, I could never keep their Consummate and Consonance straight, and then another Coherence comes along. Among my favorites are the Duntech speaker line, what with all the ruling royalty involved.
The cable manufacturer that uses (or used) such names as "Midnight", "Hunter" and on and on. The names were so confusing to me (expecially researching discontinued cables) that I went with Kimber Kable instead.
Worst product name ever is "Bose." Period.
Any name Linn call's their products.
my favorite product name is the ButtKicker, which replicates the shaking associated with very low frequency sounds. install one under your couch in the ht room and it, umm, kicks butt. saw this at ces2001:

Even though I have great interest in a better digital
format, I dislike both of the current high-rez format
names..... DVD-Audio and SACD....anyone come up with a
nickname for either of these yet? would you pronounce
SACD as a word anyway?
As a follow-up,..I am a big Henry Kloss fan, even lost money
with him on the VideoBeam. As the story goes, in Mass. a
start-up company without a known name is called an "advent"
company,....story goes than Henry liked the name and Advent
was born.
Worst name : I.M. Fried speakers. (guy's initials were I.M. & Fried is pronounced 'freed'). He put 'I.M. Fried' on a fairly large brass place on each speaker's pedestal. Guess it would go well with a lava lamp.

Best name : 'The buffy kit'. This is Jena Labs rewire kit which replaces the stock Vampire wire in Atma-Sphere amplifiers. (jtinn gets credit for telling me about this one)
A little of the topic, but I found Jadis and Avantgarde rather amusing names for manufacturers who both make horn speakers. Both names/words are french but Jadis crudely translates "of old, Once" and avantgarde means essentially "ultra modern, at the forefront".
I will add that Rosinate Dark Matter is about as cool a name as any for vibration control. Its just mysterious sounding

"The Infinity Epsilon designed by Cary Christy" I always thought was classy.

Whatjd is right, any new digital format is bound to have a stupid name, because it will be nothing more than letters with at least one "D."

And Wilson Audio completely sucks with all there names.
I always liked it when Berning Amps and Fried speakers were in the same hallway at CES. Just saying the names in that order sounds like a catastrophe. Wonder if the combo was done in by MIT Terminator?

Passing the David Manley room at CES always enticed me to do my "Irish Spring" dialect, and comment: "Those are very Manley amps, and I like them too."
"Wadia Think".
John_1, "buffy kit" is not such a good name when considering that a "buffy" is street slang for someone who trades oral sex for crack cocaine.
I like "Quintescence Black Hole". Great name for a sub.
Stupid me. I always though a "Buffy" was I guy that worked out and looked at himself in the mirror too much.
you mean that's how buffy did in vampires? and she was on crack the whole time? wow, amazing. -kelly
I like Muse as one of the best-- Pink Triangle as one of the worst. The name makes me think of those cheap plastic pink flamingos that some people put in their yards. Cheers. Craig
How about "Micromega DUO, CD3.1" (that's one product) and "CD3.1 pro" (or something, is another product--go figure) for confusion. Also never caught on to the charm of misspelling tactics practiced by certain British Cos (*k*lout, *k*airn, numeri*k*, na*i*m(e) et alia). Can't say the same about the products though (they were/are quite good)!

Other nice/impressive names, IMO: "transfiguration", (Metaxas) "Heraklis" (amp -- no less!), and ofcourse, Duntech's book on royalty.
How about Micromega DUO BS (for bitstream that is)?
Ironically, despite its name, it's a great sounding dac (no bs).
The "Great American Sound " (G.A.S.) "GODZILLA"- "AMPZILLA"- SON OF AMPZILLA" and "GRANDSON"... COOL!!!!
Don't forget G.A.S. "Charlie the Tuner".
I just noticed today: my car speakers are called 'spark-o-matic.' inspires confidence. i'm getting rid of them tomorrow.
Space Tech Labs. The name evokes the impression that the components are from the space age, tecnically sound and the product of research in a lab, whereas the truth is that the tubes used are old rather obsolete black and white tv tubes. Ha ha.
Over the top samcard. Space tech is making some of the best tubed equipment I've heard for a fraction of the cost of the bigger names. Your beef with Kubla could cost the owner of this small business. I suggest you pick your battles and leave Space Tech's name out of your muck.
I like the "Lead Balloon" turntable stand, and the "Feet of Silence" isolation devices.

On a non-audio note, I was also fond of a name used on an old home brew of mine... "Piss Toad Nail Ale". Had a picture of the Checkered Demon from Zap comics on the label. Those were reeeeeeeeeeeel interesting days...
Well, what about audiogon? Where exactly did the audio go? Will it ever come back :)
(Hey audiogon, maybe you could share the evolution of your name with your members -- some of us are curious.)