Best and worst of HP's TAS LP list

I have about 6K records that covers primarily classical (60%), jazz (25%), audiophilia (5%), Musicals/soundtrack and blues/rock. I bought a lot by record reviews from Classical and Jazz guides. When TAS started I was very interested in what records reviewers use. When Harry Pearson first start his Super Disc list it became game for me to find these records. It's DUMB! I know it, but I have had fun finding some obscure record and seeing what Harry's tastes are. They don't match mine. My all time favorite super disc DOG is "Electric Love". The cover alone is strong indicator of what you are in store synthesized crap I have ever heard. Still, he does my some winners that his list led me to buy that I nevr would have pick up on my own. For instance 12" dance singles, are a lot better than expected. Does anybody have those True North Records to sell? What are some of your favorites, dogs, and are you looking for something from this list?Gerrym5
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The worst has to be Casino Royale! It's not really that bad, but to hype this processed, basically pop, studio-miked disc is ridiculous. This is no reference. On the other hand, the high quality classical picks are too many to list here.