Best and Worst customer service?

My vote goes for Sonic Frontiers, as Best! I was contacted within an hours, after e-mailing a question. Wery friendly and helpfull!(they can count me-in on the next purchase) Thw Worst? Linn audio! It's been over a month since i submited a Q! I am stll e-mailing the question...i am sort of amused by now!
I live a few minutes from the plant.I get over to see the guys in the Parts Connection often.Their customer service is the best I have ever encountered.Class act all the way.Parrasound customer service is also very good.Worst Mcintosh.I emailed twice with questions no reponse both times.Very over rated gear and extremely overpriced.
Theata,Digital, my nomination for best.Pioneer for worst.I own Elite(tv,and dvd player).Like Sony,they have this maze/menu that I figure is designed to aggravate you so you won't call again.At Theata,the girls always put me thru to someone who can help me(data 3 & gen5a 24/96)
Best:- The Cable Company. Class act. Recently intervened with a cable mfgr. for me - the mfgr. agreed to an upgrade which cost The Cable Company the sale of a pair of expensive cables. Putting my interests ahead of their short-term gain has boosted both my loyalty and my confidence.
best: sonic frontiers-very heplful, friendly, technically as Best: Sonic Frontiers-knowledge, friendly, technically astute. Speak to Douglas. Worst: Sony, no one is even close. Ater dropping nearly four grand on a XBR rear projector, it was impossile to reach anyone for technical info. Even after calbration TV is still not right. Absolutely impossible to reach anyone at Sony who knows anything. Have tried everything. Go else where to avoid that "screwed again" feeling.
YBA, Oracle, Aragon. All have given me terrific service, including items I've bought used off the 'net. If you have the opportunity to buy any of their products, don't hesitate at all. To maximize your audiophile experience, get a good relationship established with a dependable local dealer, it can go a long way to making sure you remain satisfied.
My best experience has been with Audioquest. Those guye e-mailed me right away, gave me a name & number for future use and even volunteered helpful, related info I didn't even ask for. The worst: SONY by far. Had a camcorder that needed a chip. I could have swam to Japan and back before it arrived at their service center - 6 months!!! And the damn thing broke again after 6 weeks - with the same problem. Never offered a replacement and the thing wasn't even a year old. Sony sucks!
Worst: Sony! I have a Sony DTC 670 DAT deck that has transport problems. I took it to my local Sony authorized service center and after looking at it they told me they weren't authorized to work on DAT's so send it to Sony. I sent it to Sony to be fixed and was told about 6 weeks turnaround. After 2 and 1/2 months I called wanting to know where my deck was. I gave them my name, address,etc. and they said they had nothing with my name on it. I flipped. After 1 hour on the phone, they found my deck sitting on a shelf with no name on it. They lost my info and had no way to contact me. They told me it was fixed and would send it right out. A week later still no deck, called again and was told they hadn't worked on it yet. It would be 2 more weeks. I was furious at this point but figured I could wait 2 more weeks. After 3 weeks I still had not gotten it back. I called again and was told that service would not work on it because it had been opened up by someone before they received it. The only time it was opened up was at my local Sony authorized service center. So they sent my deck back to me UNFIXED and then forgot to refund my $165 that I sent them with the deck. I called and complained and my check was sent OVERNIGHT mail. Afetr this experience I will no longer buy anything Sony.
The worst - don't know, but some years ago it took Nakamichi 4 tries to fix a problem with my cassette deck. The best? No contest here - Bryston, hands down!
Most of the high-end manufacturers I've dealt with have been excellent. These include CAL, Krell and McCormack. But, by far, the one that stands out is VPI. These folks really care about their products and, perhaps, even more so, their customers. They will bend over backwards to accommodate you and make certain you are getting the most from their wonderful products. If you are analog-inclined you cannot do better for yourself than VPI. Creek and Celestion have never answered my emails. I figure they're still peeved at us Yanks for that 1776 thing. Sony shouldn't even be mentioned in this forum! They are a mass producer - perhaps the massest - that only cares about moving product. Their customer service, such as it is, is hideous. Some years ago I swore never to buy another Sony product of any kind and have stuck to it. In the product categories you might found yourself shopping Sony do yourself a favor and go with Panasonic, among others. They are not going to give you "high-end" service but they will help, which is more than Sony is likely to do.
About 4 years ago I lost a tweeter in my Snell E/III's. I was living in Albuquerque and had no local dealer. So I call Snell up in Massachusets, and the fisrt person that I talk to says that I should take it to a dealer unless I feel up to some soldering. I say OK, and a few days later a package arrives with a nice new vifa tweeter. Good Company. Chris C.
Thiel is excellent. I blew a tweeter in my 3.6s that was absolutely my fault. They replaced it free. Worst is Goldmund. They can only be contacted by e-mail, and it takes about two to three weeksfor them to respond. I had a problem with my SRMs. A distributor sent it back for me, which saved me hundreds in overseas shipping, but it took over three months to get them back. I would hesitate to buy anything foreign made without good US representation again. I also had a pronblem with KR amps. It cost me about a Grand for shipping to and from. At least they answer their e-mail promptly.
Best: Sonic Frontiers. Excellant, prompt service by e-mail. Very happy with service.
Cardas has great customer service. I emailed George Cardas when I had a problem....the response to my email was received within hours. To make a long story short, he replaced my cables with ones that were 1/2 meter longer, at no charge. . His Neutral Reference cables are great-sounding ! VPI is also very good for customer service. As well, I like their philosophy that just about everything they make is upgradeable as funds become available.
The Best customer service I've experienced in the last year is with a small company BMI Virtue Power Cords. The owner designer, Brian Introcaso worked with all the custom situations for upgrading my power cords. He spent ample time in answering all my questions and designing my Eel power cords to work in my system. Very happy and pleased.
Some of the worst customer service I have experienced was from Stereophile. I ordered 5 back issues which were supposted to take 3-4 weeks to be delivered. After 6 weeks, I started emailing and received no response. After 7 weeks, I called about 5 or 6 times before I could talk with anyone live. All calls and voicemail messages went unresponded to until I started yelling. Eventually, I got my magazines after about 8 weeks.
I agree wholeheartedly Rayhall - Stereophile service is appalling. I have given up on them.
In my experience, Bryston is so good, it's scary. Sent in a 14 year-old 3B amp that had heretofore worked flawlessly throughout its lifetime, because it began exhibiting a slight mechanical hum. The amp arrived back at my residence a few days later, causing me to believe I had screwed up with the address or something and that therefore, it had not been deliverable. Further inspection however revealed no signs that such had been the case. I next opened the carton and found a letter from Bryston informing that the necessary repairs had been made, detailing the diagnosis, detailing the repairs, detailing a list of additional parts replacements and revisions thrown in for good measure and stating that as a result, the amp had been brought up to near current [3BST] specs! No charge!! Wholly incredulous. Bravo, Bryston!
Based upon my experience with trying to keep a Data II transport functioning, Theta gets a thumbs down. While they were polite, it was clearly apparent that they had no system. They kept no records of previous repairs to specific units. Theta makes good sounding products, but I will never purchase another of their products again.
My best experience was with Beyerdynamics. I always liked their headphones better than Sennheiser, although the latter was always rated higher by the audio press. So I bought a pair of their DT 811 headphones 8 years ago and recently the plastic suspension system broke. I sent them a letter and asked them to send me a replacement at my own cost, but they sent the replacement for no charge! They have also been very helpful with servicing microphones I have bought from them.
Talon Audio has been great. They are always accesible, willing to stay on the phone and answer all your questions, and are very helpful.
Castle Acoustics in the UK answered all of my questions via email regarding the crossover specs of my speakers quickly and accurately. Their US rep. May Audio Marketing was also great to deal with, and supplied some of the best customer service that I have ever encountered in any industry. Kevin Walsh at Homegrown Audio is one of the best as well as Craig at Vibrapods. I am an hours drive from Upscale Audio and cannot wait to visit their shop when I look into a small SET setup for our spare bedroom, based on the feedback that I have seen posted at this sight.
I haven't had any bad experiences with customer service from high end product manufacturers. I have had EXCELLENT service from Audio Research, Nordost, and McCormack (steve himself!). Couldn't have been better. Definitely several cuts above the mass-market conglomerate producers. It was such a nice surprise to call and actually talk to excellent technical people.
I have to confirm the kind words about Bryston. I bought what ended up being a basket case 4B amplifier via the net. Bryston basically took care of all of the problems under warranty except for some small labor charges which they did not cover due to physical abuse. While i no longer own the amp, i can not see anyone improving on the level of customer service that i have received from them. I don't want to name the worst that i have dealt with, as i'm still battling with them and they might read this thread. Their products are mentioned here more than occasionally. Sean >
I recently bought two used Classe power amps. I have been on the phone with Classe a number of times for various reasons. Without a doubt, I have received the best service of all time. I am amazed at their consideration, honesty and generosity of time and spirit. I dealt with Robert Adam there. He is a true gentlman.
UPS is one of the all time worst companies in any category-their ability to ruin audio equipment and refusal to pay damage claims is deplorable.
Since I love my B&K stuff, I hate to say B&K has provided NO customer service (at least bad would be something). I have tried ad nauseum to email regarding upgrades to my REF 10 pre-pro and have receive no reply. I'm sure my dealer would help, but if I wanted to leave home, I would be on the net. For best, the majority have been good. If you shop on the net, like I do, establish an email relationship prior to buying. If they don't respond well to info and questions, you can caount on poor after the fact service.
SONY very poor customer service. They have lost more than $6,000.00 on items that I purchased from other manufacturers in Y2K. I vote with my $$$$$$ John
Great service received from Ayre Acoustics: they repaired & even upgraded an amp for me that was out of warranty, yet no charge & quick service too.
Sonic Frontiers is great, they E-mail very quickly within hours of a technical question and sent free copy of manual for a used SFT-1 transport I purchased. (which sounds excellent & very reliable). Also I heard Mccormack & SMC (Steve McCormack's company is great)
I have to agree with RWA3. U.P.S. Sucks. My best is Classe Audio. Unbeleavable service. My worst is Sonus Faber. They were a great company until a few years ago they were bought out and went to more production oriented models. It took my over six months to get a speaker repaired. The cost of the repair went from $200 to $1500 after they were bought out.
I have gone through two or three sets of grilles on my Thiels (they are cream colored and cannot be cleaned once soiled the least bit). The kind folks at Thiel go so far as to ship the replacements and bill me later every time. Very prompt and very interested in their customers. While I do not use their products much these days, Kimber has always responded to questions very quickly and intelligently. The Parts Connection staff have also proven prompt and courteous over the years.
Reg Edey @ SME has been super in helping me get my SME tonearm back up and running. Outstanding technical help. And seeing that I was communicating back and forth to England, I give SME (especially Reg Edey) all the more credit for the top notch and professional service.
The Worst. DUNLAVY. Andrew has jerked me around more times then i can count, he always has a line.
Best: Brain at BMI, Vac, Kimber Kableand and Wireworld have all been most helpful.
Just recieved a reply from Tascam today, 1-31-2001, for an email sent on 10-23-2000 ref. the performance of the A-D converter in their professional recorders. 9 weeks later? Too bad, I bought a Pioneer instead. No wonder some of these guys don't make it.
Meridian. Called them twice and each time I got a tech within 5 minutes. Answered all my technical questions and Great customer service. AA++
These guys at Classé told me that I would have to wait 2-3 weeks just to get a call form a technician because they were too busy with worldwide distribution. What a bunch of crap. I put my cap-150 integrated amp up for sale the wery next day. That's it for me.
Hey Shaq, try calling B & K and ask for Jerry. They have an 800 number that can probably be found in the Audiogon manufacturers forum. Jerry will help you out with ANYTHING that you need to know and do it in a down to earth fashion. VERY good to work with and quite honest about what to expect. Sean
My system currently consists of products manfactured by Mark Levinson, Proceed, B&W, Pass, VPI and Transparent. All have been outstanding. They have answered questions in a timely mannner and stayed with it until I was happy. The worst.......Sumiko. My dealer has been requesting info on ths SME V tonearm for me for over a year and they have never sent it. Fortunately, repalcing the arm has not been a high priority for me, but it is now the next item on the upgrade list. If I can figure out a way to get the SME V arm without going behind the back of my dealer, but cutting Sumiko out of the deal, I would plop down the credit card in a heartbeat.
doug28450: the sme 5 has been around for a decade or more (i had one on a tnt2 back in the late 80's). you should thus be able to find a used one without much trouble. BTW, have you gotten to hear the sme5 on yours or a like tt? it does tend to be a bit bass heavy and can sound rather dark with a number of cartridges. i always loved its build quality, despite these sonic characteristics; its easily adjustable (except for azimuth, as i recollect) and once adjusted will hold its place forever.
Thru the years i have found the following to be excellent to very good, Michael Kelly from Aerial(excellent AAA+) Robert from Classe (very good) Definitive Tech (excellent) Marantz (very good) REL (very good) Sony (good,yes sony when you enter a back door, not the main #) My local dealer Woodbridge Stereo (very good) Brian from BMI (excellent). Carol Nelson from MSB Tech (excellent AAA+ real sweetheart).
Worst customer service? Why that would have to be Woodbridge Stereo in West Caldwell, NJ. About two years ago I went into their absolutely empty showroom and encountered two young salesman hacking around on the internet for five minutes before even looking up at me. I told them I was there to audition the Adcom GCD-750 cd player. After a few minutes more of waiting an older salesman came out and took me into a listening room. Just as we entered the room a young couple came in and announced that they were interested in a home theatre system. The salesman( can you believe this!) walked right out of the room , took them into another showroom, closed the door and began a lengthy demonstration. I waited in the soundroom and in front of the home theatre room in full view of this jerk and he ignored me for twenty minutes. Finally, I walked out, past the internet junkies who didn't even raise their heads.
An hour later I called Woodbridge Stereo and told the offending salesman how incredibly rude he was. I told him my visit was a serious inquiry and I would take my business elsewhere. I will never buy anything from Woodbridge Stereo. Beware!

Duke my experiences were at the Woodbridge store in Woodbridge NJ and with Tom A. Sorry to hear of your experience in the W.Caldwell store, i've never been there. Both both stores are owned by the same man.