Best and largest inventory used dealer

What if you have a hankering for say a Klyne phono stage or perhaps best chance at items that (if priced ANY WHERE NEAR REALITY).Thinking of items like EAR 834 phono item I am tryng to find Bryston 4 B ST with decent, say 15 years of wrranty.Jeff's sound Values seems to have pretty good inventory and Audio Pimp on Ebay seem to be what I am thining about but hoping I might get a few more "hot leads"
Best Of Holidays
i dont think there is a dealer anywhere with more used inventory than these guy's.

"Wanted to Buy" ads are a good way, but not on Agon anymore. Try the Asylum.

Why Audio Asylum? I have been looking at phono pre-amps for awhile. AA has 6 listed. Agon has 162 (not counting those that are already sold but still listed).
I was just referring to the WTB ad situation here v. AA. There are 12 on AA right now, and you can respond to them for FREE, if you have that item to sell.
One Chicago area storefront dealer (who also deals via mailorder) & typically has a large used inventory of worthwhile items is Holm Audio. Mike Holm is easygoing & pleasant to deal with.