Best Analog pass-through on DSP Theater Pre/Pros?`

Hey All,

I am still agonizing about the pre/pro & amp combo for a combined HT/2 Ch. setup. I have the speakers locked down with a pair of JM Labs Cobalt 826s with the matching Center and Cobalt 806 rears.

I really enjoyed auditioning these speakers on decent quality equipment (I'm still using my Denon 5800). I want to buy seperates that will make the Cobalts sing when I listen to 2ch. I know that the Bryston SP1, the Classe SSP75, and B&K Ref 50 all have analog passthrough....who else in the same $ ballpark (used from Audiogon, of course!) am I not listing? Not sure exactly what amps I am going with yet, but may go tubes for the mains, and some 3ch for center/surounds.

The Proceed AVP has an excellent analog pass-through.
I agree, the Proceed AVP did it for me.. and I have tried a few !
The Krell 7.1 has one of the best analog pass-throughs going. I think you should give it a listen.
Thanks for the suggs.

I think the Krell may be a bit out of my price range...I could swing an HTS1 or HTS2, but the 7.1 is a little bit too much on one componant. I will try to seek out a Proceed to audition...the hard part about that is that I don't have a reference amp yet. I think I am going to start with the pre/pro, and then audition amps with it and my JM Labs. Is my thinking flawed there? Since I know I can get more bang for the buck buying used here on Audiogon, I don't want to ask retail dealers to audition pre/pro + amp packages at home...I like to go to the shops to listen, but if I am not going to purchase retail, I would hate to waste their time.

Any other suggs are happily received.

The sunfire theatergrand II or III would be worth checking out, mine is very good at everything. Aragon would be worth checking out also.
The Aragon Soundstage has an excellent analog pass-through you may want to check it out.
The Aragon stuff looks nice...especially the Stage 1. Is this the "next generation" soundstage? The only thing I can't ascertain from the product manual is weather or not these units have balanced inputs...

Bummer that there don't seem to be any dealers in the LA Basin (according to the dealer locator on the Klipcsh site anyway)
So after showing my wife both units online, she has agreed to either of these units (so long as I don't actually go after the PASS Aleph 5 I showed her...she said it looks like the monolith from 2001) I am definitly going to buy used here. Has anyone tried both units and picked one over the other?
Ooops...either meaning the Aragon Soundstage or the Proceed AVP.

I was also interested in both and ended up with the SS only because I got a good deal. Somethimes I tend to over analyze and wear myself out in the process. All research indicates they are both good units. However, the SS upgrade is reasonably priced at $800 vs $2500 fpr the proceed. Additionally, the bass management is very flexible. You can have different settings for each input which is good. So I can boost the bass for movies and have the correct level for music. The major drawback with the SS is you need the remote in oder to set it up. On the other side, once its setup you can operate with or with out the remote. Sound quality is improved over my Marantz AV550 but still suffers because of my imperfect room. That will be my next project.

Good luck.
I have the Aragon Soundstage--the analog passthrough is excellent. I use it with my Sony ES9000--McCormack DNA2 DLX running a pair of Dunlavy SCIV-A's. I enjoy the sweet music, especially with the flourescent lights off .