Best amps to use with Sound Lab speakers

Which amps bring out the best in Sound lab electrostatic speakers?
Many, many amps work well. I ran Atma-Sphere MA2, Viva SET's, Wolcott 220, VTL 750's, McCormack DNA 1 mono, ARIA Audio WT hybrid, Llano 300 watt mono blocks, Counterpoint SA4's, and AirTight ATM3.

Truth is, they may not be the last work in efficiency but are a reasonably easy load, except for early models that have big impedance in the deep bass.

Lots of people like the Parasound Mono bocks too, although I have not heard them in my home. If I had to rate in order, the best sound (of the amps I've tried) first place would belong to the VTL 750, then a toss up between Wolcott and Atma-Sphere with the Viva coming in there strong for midrange magic, although Viva's are inadequate for anything more than low level listening as they only produce 24 watts.
Albert has listed quite a few, although I would rank them differently. In addition, Convergent Audio Technology amps work very well.
I just recently heard the new Wolcott P400 reference gold 400 watt monos on a pair of SL speakers and was amazed at how much more the speaker put out compared to the 220s. If you are in the market I would give them a serious listen.
Brian, you should list your favorites in the order you prefer. That's the value of Audiogon forums, to share experience.

Seadogs1 may be more attuned to your preferences and find an ally with your suggestion. It's all about matching and each of us have our own preferences.
Innersound ESL amps were designed for electrostatic speakers and many people find it an exceptional amplifier. Do a search, you'll find alot of people love this amp with planar and electrostatic speakers. There's two for sale right now which is rare.
Good choice Brian. Meow.
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I had tried a number of hybrid amps, like the modified NYAL Moscode 600, which gave a nice presentation. Unfortunately, my Sound Lab M-1's could not play loud enough or with enough punch. I was also using a passive line stage. The switch to the Bel Canto PRe-2 with the Bryston 14B-SST did the trick.
I am using David Berning Quadrature Z amplifiers on A-1PX speakers with beautiful results.
I am using audiovalve challanger 180 monoblocks with great results.