Best Amps or Integrated on measured performance

According to you, what are the best amps, solid state and tubes, integrated or power amps, based on their measured performance?

I am one of those who reads Atkinson's measurements. I know it's sad to admit it, but it gives me piece of mind that the gear I have performs well on the bench...

If those bases are covered, then, I listen to the equipment. Don't get me wrong, of course many times I go and listen gear that someone has recommended me strongly - but knowing that the amp has low distorsion, or high signal-to-noise ratio, or no negative feedback, Class A, etc is something that raises my interest.
Well, I suppose there are many brands of amps, etc., that measure well on the test bench. One that comes immediately to mind is Bryston, whose products typically measure VERY well, and have excellent sound.
Which measurement?
Music is something you listen to. Its not measured.